Speaking zombie guy with top hat, wtf? (spoilers)

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Hi. I got to the drowned pass. There I found a zombie with a top hat and a cane, with some enemies more. The first time I found it there were some more enemies and the guy is thougher than I though, so he killed me, also a fire door was behind me so I could not run away from them. Restart from the last save and go back.Then the guy is alone and there is no door, what happened? Should I load an old save? what does that guy mean?

Thank you.

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Very fast answer, complete and perfectly clear. Thank you very much.

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I hope he makes a return in Darksiders II.

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For me I ran into him for the first time while in Anvil's Ford area.

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Also, when I defeated him, did he really jump down a mario bros like tube? I was looking away from screen shortly after I defeated him and caught it out of the corner of my eye, not sure if that is a thing or not.

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@Sunspots he jumps into his top hat.
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What?! I never got no Wicked K! I didn't even know he was in the game.

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I thought I was going insane when I first saw this in-game.

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#10 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -
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I was kind of hoping they wouldn't bring him back =\ that whole Wicked K thing was ultra stupid; it also confused the shit out of me when I first encountered him.

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Guess who's back in Darksiders 2...

Bravo Old Chap20
Defeat Wicked K
Fuck yeah! I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculousness of fighting a British skeleton with a top hat.
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I ran through the game initially on normal difficulty 2 years ago when the game was released and I never saw him once during that play through. Only within the last few days have I started a new game and set the difficulty to apocalyptic, I have had 2 run ins with Wicked K and this is before I even set foot in the Ashlands. Long story short, from my perspective at least, I think you only run into him when playing the game on Apocalyptic difficulty. Can anyone out there corroborate this?

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@Sunspots: Nah, he (it?) is definitely on Normal as well. I saw him a few times.

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@Sunspots Fought him on normal myself.

Looking forward to once again challenging the lost member of the Insane Clown Posse in the sequel
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#16 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

Weird, never saw him.

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I never got that far into it...fuck, now I have to.

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Says it right in the wiki - only appears in 4 specific locations. All difficulty levels.

You likely only run in to him if you are scouring the side routes for chests etc.

Wicked K can only be found in the following, four locations:
  1. Twilight Cathedral
  2. - Take a right after leaving Vulgrim's Location and use the Abyssal Chain to swing across a chasm to where a currency chestis located. He appears when you enter the cave with the cracked red floor.
  1. Anvil's Ford
  2. - Retrace your steps to where you worked with Ulthane to kill the invading Angels. You will find a blue swinging spot leading to a Wrath Shard on a ledge across the river. He will appear as soon as you enter the area near the tree in front of the swinging spot.
  1. Choking Grounds
  2. - After leaving Vulgrim's Location head toward the three gray squares on your mini-map located to the south-west of Vulgrim. The three squares are easily visible as large tombs. Drag the middle tomb backwards and it will reveal a hole in the ground. After collecting the artifact in the chamber below he will appear as you attempt to leave.
  1. Drowned Pass
  2. - Make your way to the sewage pipe located to the south-east of the map and enter via the ramp of earth that ascends from the lake. There you will find a chamber with shallow water. When you first enter the chamber it will be populated by demons but, after you have freed the gate guardian, you can return here to summon Wicked K.
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@Cincaid: Awesome! As if I wasn't hyped enough already!
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I managed to find him 3 times just randomly. I like fun stuff like that in games.

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Guess what game I picked up last night. 

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@JaredA said:

What?! I never got no Wicked K! I didn't even know he was in the game.

yeh me too and i played though once myself and played a game with my buddy swapping controllers between areas and never came across him, apparently he can appear up to 4 times in one game.

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#23 Posted by Sunspots (217 posts) -

by the end of this week I hope to have completed darksiders1. Amazon better "accidentally" shipped my preorder copy early so i can get my hands on the sequel asap.

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