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Darksol is the main enemy throughout the three Shining games on the Genesis, originally making his debut in Shining in the Darkness.

Shining in the Darkness

In his first incarnation, Darksol is known as Dark Sol.

The antagonist of Shining in the Darkness, Dark Sol captures Princess Jessa and removes her to the cities local labyrinth. He demands that the King turn over control of the realm to him, then disappears.

Shining Force

Darksol serves as the game's primary antagonist. His goal is to resurrect the Dark Dragon and lay waste to Rune. Early in the game, Darksol sends his minions to attack Max's (the protagonist) homeland and lays ruin to most of it. One of his most powerful minions, Kane, leads the assault.

Darksol appears a few more times throughout the story before the final boss fight. When Max defeats Kane, it is revealed that Kane was being controlled by Darksol through the use of dark magics. Kane soon after attacks Darksol, but is no match for his former master and is killed after a brief fight.

When Max finally reaches Darksol in his stronghold, he finds him in the middle of the ceremony to resurrect the Dark Dragon. Max and his friends attack, defeating Darksol after a lengthy battle. Darksol had no intent in failing in his mission, however, and gave his life to bring life back to the Dark Dragon. Unfortunately for him, Max defeats the Dark Dragon shortly afterwards.

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