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    DarkStar One: Broken Alliance

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 20, 2010

    Xbox 360 remake/port of the 2006 spaceflight combat and trading game, DarkStar One, released in summer 2010.

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    Darkstar One is a spaceflight combat and trading game with RPG elements. The RPG side of the game is centered on the player's spaceship (the DarkStar One). The player alter the DarkStar One through the course of the game by finding artifacts, and choosing which areas of the ship they want to upgrade. The story takes players through 300 solar systems, encountering six races: the Terran, the Mortok, the Raptor, the Oc'to, the Arrack, and the Thul. Each race has unique ships, weapons, space stations, and battle tactics. While DarkStar One's story is linear, the player can choose to ignore the story at any point to trade, pirate, or run missions. Different perks and penalties can be accrued by spending time pirating or killing pirates, running cargo or smuggling goods, and various other tasks.


    Kayron Jarvis - Pilot of the DarkStar One
    Eona - Mysterious woman that joins Kayron as a co-poilot
    Robert - Friend of Kayron's father
    Kayron's Father - Creator of the DarkStar One. Was killed and gifted the DarkStar One to Kayron.

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