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    Darkwood Vale

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    A 2 lane 3v3 map for Heroes of Newerth

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    Darkwood Vale is the only map to only have 2 lanes, making it perfect for a lower number of players. As the other maps, it is mostly symmetrical, with 2 forests and a secret shop and outpost in each of them. It is fairly smaller than the other maps and each lane has only 2 defensive towers instead of the usual 3. It's the only map where the Legion is on top.
    When it first made it's appearance, it didn't have any outposts, though eventually S2 Games decided to replace 2 neutral creep spawns with them.


    Kongor awaits in the center of the map, protecting his collection of (mostly human) skulls. He will drop a token of life and, if you're lucky, some bananas.

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