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    Darren Michaels

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    Darren Michaels is a normal youth who gets dragged in a big plan surrounding a family curse. He's a rather cynical down to earth Englishman who moved over to the US when he was little and grew up there.

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    Black Mirror 2

    Spending his summer in Biddeford, Maine, Darren Michaels is working at a local photographer's when he meets the beautiful Angelina. Upon the death of his rather sleazy boss, he is horrified to find that the main culprit seems to be Angelina, and decides he must prove her innocence.   
    He is very upset when it turns out that his mother has collapsed at home, leading to her being hospitalised and eventually dying. 
    When he believes Angelina has been kidnapped and taken to England, Darren travels to Willow Creek, England, to help her. There, he discovers that he is really Adrian Gordon; as a child, he was adopted and taken to America by the cook of Black Mirror castle (who he believed to be his mother), who was injured saving his real mother from a fire. He also finds out that he has a twin: Angelina.
    As he discovers Angelina's true nature, Darren initially refuses to help her, but she and her accomplice have taken his mother hostage and set the castle on fire, so he begrudgingly allows them access to the burial chamber. He manages to direct Louis into setting off a trap and dying, but is willing to go along with Angelina's plan to summon Mordred to save his mother. When his mother sacrifices herself to also kill Angelina, however, it appears he may have accidentally summoned Mordred anyway...

    Black Mirror 3

    Found running away from the flaming Black Mirror Castle, Darren is arrested for arson and for the murder of Amanda Valley. His protestations that it was his sister do little good, as his story sounds increasingly insane. After an anonymous person pays his bail, he decides to try and clear his own name. He is mandated to see a psychiatrist daily, who tries to help him come to terms with what has happened, and flashes of his childhood where he sees himself and Angelina playing and getting into difficulty. 
    Assuming his birth name, Adrian Gordon, Darren goes out of his way to prove his version of events, convince his grandmother Victoria that he hasn't caused all the ill fortune in the family since coming back deliberately, and help put away some other sinister individuals, who at one stage kidnap him and lock him in a coffin in the old mortuary, determined to kill him for his questioning of the whereabouts of Ralph. 
    He also has to deal with the fact that Mordred has partially possessed him, and that whenever he encounters sharp objects, it causes Mordred to briefly surface.
    After Victoria dies, Darren inherits Black Mirror Castle as the last remaining Gordon, and must follow her advice on how to be rid of Mordred. Unfortunately, an attempted exorcism goes wrong and just ends up injuring the priest, so Darren and his grandmother's nurse, Valentina, must attempt to be rid of Mordred once and for all by themselves.

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