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Darril Traubel is a captain in the U.S.N. Army. He was born in Alabama, America in 2064 and is of Puerto Rican descent.
Darril is first seen in Front Mission, working alongside Billy Renges and Kevin Greenfield with the U.S.N. Border Patrol Force. After the end of the 2nd Huffman Conflict in 2091, he aids Kevin in a border patrol operation against guerrilla forces somewhere in South America. In Front Mission 4, he is demoted to sergeant after an unfortunate tangle with a superior officer. Traubel is later re-assigned to the U.S.N. Army's 332nd Mobile Company, in which he is partnered with Billy and Phillip Chaeffer. In Front Mission 5: Scars of the War, he befriends Walter Feng during the outbreak of the 2nd Huffman Conflict in 2090. Years later, Darril is recruited by Walter to serve in the U.S.N. 11th Special Armored Regiment, the Strike Wyverns, in 2095. It is also revealed that he is a close friend of the unit's commanding officer, Lynn Wenright; she is hinted to be the superior officer who demotes him shortly before Front Mission 4 begins. 
In Front Mission 4, he, Billy, and Phillip find $25 worth of gold bullion from a destroyed Venezuelan State Army transport. His decision to desert the military and steal the gold leads to a series of events that eventually culminate in the discovery of a global conspiracy engineered by the Republic of Zaftra. After the end of Front Mission 4, Traubel regained his rank as Captain and was reinstated into the Strike Wyverns due to his role in ending the Venezuelan coup d'etat in 2096. He, Billy, and Phillip avoid criminal charges as a result of this, along with support from the E.C. research organization Durandal. In 2098, Darril is accepted into the SOCOM Special Armored Detachment only known as Barghest.

  • Darril is the only character from Front Mission's recurring cast to be playable in three titles: Front Mission, Front Mission 4, and Front Mission 5: Scars of the War

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