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    Darrius is a Seidan fighter from the Realm of Order.

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    Alignment: Neutral
    Species: Seidan
    Origin: Orderrealm
    Allies: Dairou
    Enemies: Hotaru


    Darrius is an enemy and revolutionary in the Realm of Order. Considered a terrorist by some, he sees himself as an enemy of the establishment and leader of  a resistance movement to overthrow the powers currently in place. He is willing to go to great lengths to bring about the downfall of the Orderrealm, which includes strategic assassinations and manipulation to gain recruits to his cause.  In his plot to assassinate Hotaru, he killed the family of Dairou. He lays the blame for this act squarely on Hotaru and successfully gained Dairou as an ally. Darrius then sent him on a mission to kill Hotaru, but the outcome is never made clear.


    Mortal Kombat 4

    Darrius manages to steal a prized document of the Seidan government and goes to battle against Hotaru. Despite a costly battle, Darrius and his resistance manage to defeat Hotaru and his men, thus gaining control of the government.

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

    After defeating Blaze, Darrius is given access to the treasure and power that was intended for Taven and Daego n. Though he is finally able to defeat Hotaru using these artifacts, Taven and Daegon are then sent on a quest to defeat Darrius retrieve what is rightfully theirs.



    Darrius's Fighting Styles are Shinto Ryu and Leopard. Darrius's Weapon Style is Gauntlets.


    Darrius's Fighting Styles is Goju Ryu and his Weapons are Gauntlets.


    According to Steve Beran, "The original intention was to make Darrius the new leader of the Red Dragon."
    "He has an imposing physical presence and a ''take no B.S.'' attitude, like a star athlete who had made his way to fame from a rough upbringing and humble beginnings. His look was inspired by the comic book art of the 60's and 70's; the end result was intended to be a mixture of those elements fused with a sleek modern approach."

    Special Moves

    Dangerously good looking
    Dangerously good looking


    • Tricky Blast: B, F, LP
    • Twisty Kick : B, F, LK
    • Chest Cruncher : B, F, HP
    • Target Practice : D, F, HK



    • Arm Rip: (Sweep distance) U, D, B, F, HK
    • Rearrange: (Close) D, F, F, U, HP
    • Hara-Kiri: B, F, F, LP

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