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    Dart is the main protagonist of The Legend of Dragoon. Throughout the game, he attempts to seek revenge against the Black Monster for destroying his village and parents.

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    Dart is the main protagonist of the game The Legend of Dragoon. He's a young man (early twenties) who calls the town of Seles home. As the game begins, Dart comes upon Seles in ruins, and discovers his longtime friend Shana has been taken captive. While Dart doesn't seem like a warrior, he is willing to go to great lengths to save Shana.

    He saves Shana from Hellena Prison, and travels with her and Lavitz to Basil, to seek refuge. As they join up in Basil's side of the war, the party reaches Hoax, where Dart first meets Rose, and unleashes the power of his dragoon spirit, which he though

    Dart without his Dragoon Armor
    Dart without his Dragoon Armor

    t was just his father's memento. He is the first Dragoon in the game, and basically the strongest.

    Dart's past is a rather unfortunate one. He was born in a town called Neet, which, when he was a young boy, came under attack by a vicious creature known as the Black Monster. Dart managed to survive (one of only two), and lost his father and mother both to the beast. His only memento of the pair is his father's red jewel, which Dart holds very dear. Since then, he has vowed to avenge his parents' deaths, and has set out in search of the Black Monster. He was in the middle of this quest when Seles and Shana were attacked.

    Dart finds out later in the game that his father's memento is actually a Dragoon stone. The stone chose him to be the Red Dragoon, which bears the fire element. It is discovered, however, that Dart's father was a man who had been petrified over 11,000 years earlier, and his body had been taken over by Melbu Frahma, thus helping him escape the Black Monster. Disguised as Emperor Diaz, he gets Lloyd to lead a chase of Dart and the party after him. Dart learns the truth about those closest to him, and that there are more important matters at hand. After they first encounter Zieg, Dart loses his Dragoon Spirit, as it recognizes its original owner as the true owner. As the game further progresses, Dart acquires another Dragoon spirit, that of the Divine Dragon, which he uses to both take down Melbu Frahma and save Shana from her doomed fate.

    Dart's English voice actor is John Butterfield.

    Dragoon Magic

    Red Eye Dragoon Spirit

    Flame Shot (10 MP) - 50% Fire damage; single target

    Explosion (20 MP) - 25% Fire damage; all targets

    Final Burst (30 MP) - 75% Fire damage; single target

    Red-Eye Dragon (80 MP) - 175% Fire damage; all targets

    Divine Dragoon Spirit

    Divine DG Ball (50 MP) - 50% Non-elemental damage; all targets

    Divine DG Cannon (50 MP) - 100% Non-elemental damage; single target

    Dragoon Armor:

    Red-Eyed Dragoon Armor
    Red-Eyed Dragoon Armor

    The majority of the game Dart has the power of the Red-Eyed Dragoon. His Dragoon armor holds the power of the element of fire. It's opposite is water magic which does more damage to him if he is in this form. This armor is complete with a set of wings like all other Dragoon armor.

    Towards the end of the game, Lloyd's dying wish is for Dart to have the power of the Divine Dragoon to defeat Melbu Frahma. When Dart gains the Divine Dragoon Spirt, Dart loses the power of the Red-Eyed Dragoon. He no longer has Fire abilities and weakness to Water. The Divine Dragoon Armor is Non-Elemental. All of his stats; Strength, Defense, Magic Power and Magic Defense are nearly at max. The only exception is Speed, which could be due to the armor being larger and heavier than all the other armors.

    The Divine Dragoon
    The Divine Dragoon

    The appearance of the Divine Armor is also different than the 7 other elemental types. It is larger and bulkier. The other armors seemed to fit around and make a human shape, this armor is huge and is dragon s haped. Instead of having two wings, it has six.


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