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    Darun Mister

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    Darun from Street Fighter EX.

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    Darun Misters is the bodyguard of Blair Dame, who is also a playable character in the EX series. 

    Darun's fighting style is very similar to Zangief's, and the fact that he has a lot of wrestling-type moves. His throw is a DDT in Street Fighter EX Alpha, his signature move is a powerbomb; and his Dusk Lariat is a clothesline or two. His move input is somewhat similar to Zangiefs as well in Street Fighter EX, and Street Fighter EX Alpha in particular, using the two inputs of (Up, Up-Backwards, Back, Back-Downwards, Down, Down-Forwards, Forward) Kick (Indra Bridge)/Punch (Brahma Bomb), which are the same as Zangiefs Russian Suplex and Spinning Pile Driver respectively. 

    Fighting Style

    • Dusk Lariat - Delivers a devistating one or two hit clothesline on the opponent.
    • Brahma Bomb - A jump, flip, and powerbomb on the opponent
    • Super Darun Bomb - Darun jumps so high that he becomes a star in the sky; he then flips a few times, and does a powerbomb on the opponent.
    • Indra Bridge - Darun hits the opponent with his stomach upwards, causing them to fly high into the sky.
    • Power Indra Bridge - Darun hits the opponent with his stomach upwards, causing them to fly really high in the sky
    • Darun Catch - Normally done after the Power Indra Bridge, Darun catches them and chucks them.

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