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    Leader of the Goron race and one of the Six Sages, protectors of the Sacred Realm in Ocarina of TIme.

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    Darunia is the ruler of the Goron tribe in Ocarina of Time. He resides in Goron City within Death Mountain. Darunia was the keeper of the Spiritual Stone of Fire (Goron's Ruby) and was reluctant to hand it over to Link at first. He came off as a haughty character when Link first met him, but due to Link's good deeds of destroying King Dodongo, the leader of the intruding Dodongos, Darunia learned to trust him and declared him a "sworn brother". Seven years later, when Link's body was finally released from the Sacred Realm, he learned that Darunia is one of the Six Sages of Hyrule. Darunia held one of the sacred Medallions and only handed it over when Link was able to rid the Temple of Fire of Volvagia.


    Darunia can be described as a man that is a little rough around the edges. As the leader of the Gorons, he always wants to make sure that his people are well protected. When Link played Saria's Song in front of him with an ocarina, Darunia danced wildly out of joy, revealing that there was a softer, fun-loving side to him than what his exterior had let on. He has been shown to be extremely loyal to those close to him. He had declared Link to be his "brother" and even named his own son "Link" after the legendary hero.


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