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Dash Galaxy a fearless Space Explorer has just landed on an alien planet thousands of light years from Earth. The planet is host to a strange assortment of creatures and an array of various traps.

Dash’s mission is to navigate a maze of rocket rooms and elevator shafts making it back to his ship safely. Dash must visit all rooms on each level and secure the items to proceed; he is using limited oxygen so he must move quickly. Aliens are lurking around every corner looking to take Dash’s breath away, but they are no match for his athleticism.


Keys – Allow you to pass through force fields. If you attempt to pass through a force field without a key you will lose a life.

Bombs – Bombs can blow up enemies, blocks or force fields in elevators. Bombs have a 3 second detonation, be careful of the blast radius.

Detonators – A detonator allows you to set off a bomb.

Stars – Collect 10 orange stars for a brief period of invincibility, watch out for oxygen and pitfalls as they will still kill you.

Oxygen Flasks – Pick these up to restore oxygen.

Hearts – You start with four lives, finding a heart will give you an additional life.

Switches – All switches must be turned off to exit a room.


Picking Up Object – 25 Points

Gold Stars – 50 Points

Blue Stars – 100 Points

Completing a Room or Elevator Shaft – 5 times the remaining oxygen level (Oxygen Range: 0-63)

Completing a Level – 250 Points

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