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    Dashin' Desperadoes

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released September 1993

    Race to get the girl of your dreams.

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    Dashin' Desperadoes is a racing game developed and published by Data East exclusively for the North American Sega Genesis. The goal of the game is to race the opponent on foot to the end of the course, using tricks and shortcuts to stay ahead. In addition to the opposing player's traps, the player also has to avoid stage hazards and navigate platforming sequences.

    The game is linked to another Data East game, Spinmaster for arcades and Neo Geo, by its character designs but the two games are otherwise unrelated. Though no Japanese version was released, the alternative name "Rumble Kids" appears when playing Dashin' Desperadoes on a Japanese Mega Drive.


    Unlike most racing games, the action doesn't take place between multiple cars but rather between two different characters racing on foot. The two main characters have a crush it seems and it's on the same girl, so they decide to race it out.

    The races take place in a side scrolling fashion. There are also minigames that appear every couple of levels where the characters compete in another non-racing event such as seeing who can knock out the most gophers in a limited amount of time.

    Although the game features a single player mode two controllers are required to play the game, without a second controller plugged in the AI's half of the screen will be obscured.


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