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    David Abrams

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    David Abrams (also known as CheapyD) owns the website He will lend his voice to Saints Row 3.

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    Saints Row 3

    CheapyD paid $1,725 in a charity auction towards the Ashley Ames Foundation, and earned a role in Saints Row 3. Saints Row 2 was Cheapy's favorite game of 2008, so he was excited about his role in the sequel.

    Originally, CheapyD was going to be an NPC, but on CAGcast #261, he revealed that his character would be a "homie" in a free DLC pack. This DLC was released on January 17th, 2012, and is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. He recorded about 150 lines of dialogue, including some disparaging comments about his co-host, Wombat.

    Charitable Giving

    David Abrams frequently donates to various charities, and often works to motivate his community at CheapAssGamer to donate. Notably his community has raised $217,630 to date (as of December 2011) for the Child's Play charity and raised $24,193 for earthquake and tsunami relief for Japan in the days after the disaster.

    Miscellaneous Facts

    • Moved from New York to Japan in October 2005
    • was created in April of 2003, and has increased in popularity over the years, highlighting great video game deals. It relies heavily on user-submitted information.
    • Occasionally posts videos of his son, Tai, on
    • If he farts audibly (or otherwise) during the recording of a CAGcast he is honor-bound to draw attention to it. (This is the "CheapyD Promise.")
    • Hosts a popular weekly video game podcast, called the CAGcast.
    • The CAGcast is recorded with his friends, Stewart Nacht (a.k.a. Wombat) and Robert Goode (a.k.a. Shipwreck).
    • He uploads videos on youtube accounts " CheapyD" and " Taispot"
    • He's a big fan of Howard Stern, and paid $10,601 towards a charity auction to appear on Stern's show and meet him.
    • Here is his official twitter and Ustream account.
    • Despite the fact that CheapyD is full of himself, he did not make this page.
    • He loves Robocop.
    • On CAGcast #240, he mentioned having a bowel movement so large that he had to cut up the stool with a coat hanger. He claims he threw the coat hanger away.
    • He admitted to being a douchebag in CAGcast #257. At least a partial one.
    • If you tell him to "die" on Twitter, he will block you.
    • The community raised more than $50,000 for Child's Play in 2011. As a reward, CheapyD told his listeners on CAGcast #265 that he recently had to lie down on his stomach right after using the restroom. He somehow soiled his pants, and had to throw the pants away after cleaning the mess on the floor. He described the amount of fecal material to be about the size of a baseball that's been cut in half.

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