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    David Cage is the founder of Quantic Dream. He wrote and directed Omikron, Indigo Prophecy, and Heavy Rain. He is known for a unique style of cinematic storytelling.

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    Born June 9, 1968 in Mulhouse France, David Cage was always a creative child. He had early artistic aspirations across several genres, but it was music that stuck. He originally worked as a freelance musician on several commercials and other television projects. In 1993 this evolved into Totem Interactive a music and sound production company. Totem continued with David's television and film work, but also introduced him to video game development.

    He worked on three notable games while running Totem Interactive; Cheese Cat-Astrophe (1995), Time Cop (1995) and Hardline (1997). He was credited in these games under the name, "De Gruttola."

    In 1997 David joined with Guillaume de Fondaumiere, to start their game studio Quantic Dream, serving as creative and business heads respectfully. Guillaume is labeled as the Chief Financial Officer and co CEO; While David is considered the director, lead game designer, and screenwriter. All of Quantic Dream's games have been unique, breaking the molds that define other games. One unifying element of their games are compelling stories told in fresh new ways.

    Thus far David has released three games through Quantic Dream. Omikron: The Nomad Soul, Indigo Prophecy, and Heavy Rain. Omikron had compelling elements such as the inclusion of David Bowie, but lacked coherency and had several technical limitations which lead to mixed reviews by the press. Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy in the states) had a much more coherent story and moments where it played with the gamers emotion. David added more complicated dialogue paths and Quick Time Events to tell the story, for which the game was lauded. However, it suffered from a slow pace, confusing environments, and a bizarre final chapter. Heavy Rain is David's most critically acclaimed game to date. With a smoother narrative then his earlier work, and more emotional character models and animation, Davids eclectic brand of story telling has reached the main stream.

    David has said that the story telling format of Heavy Rain could be applied to several different genres, not just detective stories. "..including a musical comedy," he said in jest. One thing that David Cage did promise, is that his next game would surprise us all.

    In a recent interview with GamePro, he said that David Cage was not his real name, but would not say his real name as nobody would be able to pronounce it. He took the name David Cage from his love of David Lynch and Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. Another little known fact is that he is missing a few fingers on his left hand due to a childhood incident.


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