David Crane's Amazing Tennis

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released October 1992

    One of the first tennis simulations using foreground and background to simulate the z-axis.

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    David Crane's Amazing Tennis is a tennis simulation game from Absolute Entertainment and Imagineering for the Genesis and Super Nintendo platforms. Legendary game designer David Crane, creator of Pitfall, lends his name to this trailblazing take on a truly 3D version of tennis in which the camera behind the court and players can move on a z-axis to simulate depth of field, rather than having a fixed bird's eye view of the court as was the standard at the time. The game's realism also demands greater accuracy from the player, with them having to choose the right moment to serve the ball and return volleys.

    The single-player mode has a selection of fictional seeded tennis players to compete against on grass, clay or hard courts in single matches or in tournaments. There is also a two-player mode available for both console versions. Regardless of how many human players are playing, the serving player is always in the foreground with the receiving player in the far background.


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