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History with Sony

Press photo with the PlayStation 2
Press photo with the PlayStation 2
Note: All proceeding information is taken from an official press release, found here.

David Reeves joined Sony Computer Entertainment in 1995. His initial assignment was to set up and manage SCEE ( PlayStation) companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. After overseeing the launch of the PlayStation and establishing the brand in Europe, David moved back to the UK in 1999 to take up the position of Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing. In January 2004 he was promoted to President and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and CEO in 2005. In December 2006 David was also made Deputy President of SCEI.


  • Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University (UK)
  • PhD in Chemical and Astrophysics
  • MBA in Marketing


  • Knowledge of the various working styles of European, American, and Asian corporations
  • Managing various global brands
  • Operations Research, ICI Paints
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods, working in tobacco, food and beverages for RJR Nabisco
  • Setting up and developing new markets and businesses for RJR
  • Rolling out F1 Motor Racing sponsorships


  • Spent 18 years overseas in South Africa, Switzerland, USA, and Japan
  • Is fluent in English, German, and French with knowledge of Japanese and Italian

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