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Davik Kang, voiced by Charles Dennis, was the head of the Exchange crime syndicate. Davik's headquarters were on the world Taris, from which he ran his crime empire. Davik owned a large Tarisian estate, on which he entertained guests and held those who had angered him as prisoners. On this estate, Davik had his pride and joy, his ship, the Ebon Hawk, which he maintained was the fastest in the galaxy. Kang also had several bounty hunters in his service who would stay on his estate from time to time, including Canderous Ordo and Calo Nord. Davik's ship was stolen by Revan, Bastilla, and Canderous, when he invited them onto his estate to see if Revan was interested in joining his operation. Davik was killed when he caught the three tying to steal his ship, and it devolved into a firefight. Shortly after, Darth Malak and Saul Karath destroyed the planet from orbit, eliminating all traces of Davik Kang.

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