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Dawn Star is a student of the Two Rivers School were she also grew up (this is also the school where the main protagonist is trained and starts the game). She excelled in her studies and blossomed into a strong woman and warrior, but even though she had nearly mastered several styles of combat (all of which involve Long Swords as her weapon of choice), she practiced her skills more out of duty to Master Li than for herself. She often meditates in her garden supposedly speaking with and comforting lost spirits.

She was born during an ill sign, a red glowing in the sky late at night (hence the name ‘Dawn Star’), This red glow turns out to be caused by an event central to both the cause of the Jade Empire's problems and therefor the need of the central quest of the game, and also the story behind Dawn Star's identity. While Dawn Star believes she was an orphan raised by Master Li along with the main character of the game that the player control's, both histories are entwined with the red glow and Dawn Star's parentage is in particular. The player can play the entire game without discovering Dawn Star's true identity so in order to do so, the player should take the opportunities to converse with Sagacious Zu.

Dawn Star is very sensitive to the workings of the spirit realm, and can see things that normally pass unnoticed by others. In the game, she sees and makes references to many dead and spirited individuals. More people throughout the game begin to see things similar to what she has, which seems to be an unnerving sign that there is something wrong within the Empire. This power isolates her from other people in Two Rivers in the beginning chapters of the game. While Dawn Star is very kind and gets along with most, Silk Fox is  jealous of Dawn Star if the main character is male. Silk Fox is threatened by Dawn Star's beauty and sees her as a rival love interest and will make fun of her as a country bumpkin. Dawn Star can be a love interest to the main character only if the player chooses a male character. In an unusual move, she can also share affections for a male main character with Silk Fox if the player chooses to encourage both NPC's and will not choose between them. 
She always uses a long sword while in combat. While your main character fights, she re-supplies the main character with Chi (also referred to as Mana and used to cast spells).



Dawn Star is voiced by Kim Mai Guest.

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