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    A fantasy MOBA currently in development by Waystone Games and published by EA. On the 4th of November 2014, EA announced its cancelation after a lengthy beta.

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    Dawngate is a recently canceled Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. It plays similar to League of Legends or DOTA2. Players take control of shapers (Heroes in DOTA 2 or Champions in League of Legends) on a team of five shapers fighting a battle over the Dawngate and to defeat the enemy team's Guardian. Shapers are customizable by choosing Perks, Spells, a Role and later Skins. Dawngate is being developed by the EA owned studio Waystone Games and will be published by EA.


    The map includes two lanes which have three Bindings (or Towers) at each end of each lane. Each of the four corners of the map house a Spirit Well, a well in which worker drones collect Vim (gold), each team starts play with two in their control. In the center of the map, the mighty Parasite lives. There is areas between the lanes and around the Spirit Wells in which neutral monsters live.


    Spells are cast by the player and directly effect the shapers. New spells can be chosen at levels 1, 10, and 20. Spells can be picked at anytime on the field of battle. Spells can also be removed (for a cost), however, the shaper must be at their home base to access spell removal. Once removed, the spell can be picked again at anytime.

    The current spells are as follows:

    BlinkInstantly teleports your shaper to target nearby location. This spell has a 300 second cooldown.
    DeflectYou grant a shield to all allies in an area. Those shields absorb 80 (+10 from your level) damage and last 3 seconds. This spell has a 0 second cooldown.
    StasisInstantly places your shaper into stasis for 2 seconds, becoming immune to all damage and effects but unable to move or act for the duration. This spell has a 240 second cooldown.
    TailwindGrants you and all nearby allies 45% increased movement speed for 3 seconds. This spell has a 75 second cooldown.
    VanquishInstantly deals +300 (+30 from your level) true damage to target minion, creature or worker. This spell has a 75 second cooldown.
    WitherFor 4 seconds, target enemy shaper's movement speed is reduced by 40%, their attack speed is reduced by 40%, and they deal 25% less damage. This spell has a 180 second cooldown.


    Roles are selected after you've selected your shaper. Roles provide your shaper with different advantages depending on which role you've chosen.

    The roles are:

    GladiatorWhen you kill lane minions you gain stacking bonus vim. The bonus increases by 3 for every consecutive minion killed within 6 seconds up to a maximum of 15 additional vim per minion.
    TacticianThe amount of vim gained for being near lane minions when they die is increased to 150% of normal. You gain bonus vim when you damage an enemy shaper (15 vim for ranged attacks and 20 vim for melee attacks). This effect has a 6 second cooldown.
    HunterYou do 10% more damage to jungle creatures. When you kill a jungle creature, you will heal for 5% of the creature's maximum Health.
    PredatorWhen you score a kill or assist on an enemy shaper you will gain 100 bonus vim. The experience gained for a kill or assist on an enemy shaper is increased to 125% of normal.

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