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    Dawnstar is the capital city of The Pale, a Hold in Skyrim.

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    Dawnstar is a moderate sized town formed on two levels situated in the Northern province of The pale of Skyrim, well known for its fishermen and miner inhabitants. It is an easy town to miss as it is not directly involved in many major quests. Mehrunes Dagon's Daedric quest is started in this town, though beyond this the quests available are fairly minor. Dawnstar also houses the previous Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, which was abandoned in favor of the southern sanctuary before the events of Skyrim. This sanctuary will become available to the player during the course of the Dark Brotherhood questline, and can be considered a second home in the province.

    Places and people

    The Sea Squall

    A ship located in the harbour of Dawnstar. Its captain is Captain Wayfinder, a young ship captain who is struggling to gain the trust of his crew. The crew are Guthrum and Ravam Verethi.

    Quicksilver Mine

    Quicksilver Mine
    Quicksilver Mine

    A mine on the bottom level of Dawnstar, on the West side close to the ship yard. Outside the mine there can be found a smelter, while inside are 7 veins of quicksilver. There are five friendly NPC workers located in the mine, they are: Leigelf, Lond, Fruki, Borgny, and Edith. A skill book for smithing can be found in the cave, along with many pickaxes.

    The Forge

    Owned by husband and wife Seren and Rustleif.

    The Mortar and Pestle

    An Alchemy shop owned by Frida where you can purchase potions and alchemy supplies. inside there is an alchemy table.

    Mythic Dawn Museum

    Located in Silus Vesuius' house. He has gathered a wide range of artifacts from the Mythic Dawn and displays them all here. This is the only location in the game where the Mythic Dawn robes can be acquired, and it is also where you will initiate Mehrunes Dagon's quest.

    Iron Breaker mine

    A mine on the top level. Outside is a smelter and inside are 6 Iron Veins. The workers are: Bodil, Gjak, Irgnir, and Karl.


    Whitehall is the home of Jarl Skald the Elder. He can be found on his throne either talking to his bodyguard Jod or throwing insults at Bulfrek the servant. Also housed in Whitehall is Madena the Mage.

    Dawnstar Barracks

    This is where you will be jailed if you commit a crime in The Pale region of Skyrim.

    Windpeak Inn

    Outside can be found a wet stone and Abelone. Inside are the owner Thoring and the Bard Karita. Also being resident here is the long time tenant Erandur who is an important quest giver.

    Other important people

    Berina Merils an ex-Empire commander and her long time friend and companion Horik. They often argue with Skald the Elder who is a Stormcloak.


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