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DayZ is a multiplayer open-world survival-horror shooter developed and published digitally by Bohemia Interactive for the PC on December 13, 2018. It was originally part of Steam's Early Access program since December 16, 2013.

Building on the military simulation aspect of the studio's ArmA series, DayZ takes place in the fictional post-Soviet country of Chernarus during a zombie apocalypse. Each player takes control of a survivor immune to the virus, tasked with fighting over resources as they try to survive in a dangerous wasteland with limited supplies and dangerous obstacles (including zombies, weather, predatory animals, disease, injuries, and other players).

It is is based on the free ArmA II mod of the same name (which was in development since January 21, 2012), with the mod's creator (Dean "Rocket" Hall) as the project lead.

The game was later ported to both the Xbox One (on March 27, 2019) and PlayStation 4 (on May 30, 2019), both as digital releases.


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