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So I'm new at Day Z and was wanting some help learning and just general tricks of the trade. I asked my friends to help teach me and we recorded it. Check out the video below:

Anyway so I was hoping that perhaps I could make another video because I still cant play this game for s**t but my friend isn't fully willing to help me any more. If any of you would like to join me in making Day Z videos for my youtube channel It's Dead Jim Gaming it would be fantastic.

Also subscribe! The support is always greatly appreciated

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#2 Posted by Ryanmc94 (74 posts) -

That's pretty cool duder. I don't play much Day Z so I wouldn't be of any help. Have subscribed but. Keep them coming :)

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@ItsDeadJimGaming: If you want to make a thread asking for help in Day Z, that's fine, and if you want to share your YouTube channel you can do so here, but as the forum rules state, threads started just to promote your own off-site content are not allowed on Giant Bomb. I hope you can understand that this rule is in the best interests of the community and is to keep the forums from being clogged with threads where people are simply trying to advertise their work.


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