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    Dead Block

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 06, 2011

    Gather the survivors and defend yourself against an undead invasion.

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    Jack, ready for action.
    Jack, ready for action.

    Developed by Candygun Games, Dead Block is a co-operative survival game where players are holed up in a house or store and must survive against waves of zombies.

    In the 50's, rock music accidentally turned everyone in to zombies. Now, players must choose between three characters: Mike Bacon the boyscout, Jack Foster the construction worker and Foxy Jones the policewoman and survive the zombie invasion. They must all work together to lure zombies into traps and kill them in comical ways. They must also rebuild blockades and use weapons. There are a total of 10 singleplayer levels as well as 4 player split screen co-op.


    Dead Block is a third person action game where the goal of each level is to make your way through the building you are using as a safe house, boarding up windows and doors and setting traps for the zombies who are trying to attack you. To complete each level you have to find all the parts for a guitar and amplifier in order to stop the undead horde.

    To collect these parts and all the materials you need to make blockades and traps you will need to smash items such as furniture to collect wood and open containers to collect items such as screws and guitars. Just about every action in Dead Block is done by following on screen prompts such as timing a button press, alternating between triggers to open containers and a guitar rhythm mini-game at the end of each level.

    Sometimes your defenses are not enough and you will need to attack the zombies head on. Each character has a melee attack and a "Smart Bomb" attack. The smart bomb attack is an attack that will kill most zombies in the direction you are facing but needs to be charged up after every use.


    The music in the game is performed by the rockabilly group Vampyre State Building.


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