Is there more to this game?

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After seven runs I completed this game and ended up skipping some weird and seemingly fake credits. The game started over and the protagonist themselves even seemed to express confusion as to what just happened. Is there more to do? Just the hard mode? There's a surprising lack of information or discussion about this game on the internet, and I'm very much confused as to whether I've actually, truly finished it or not.

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Four, not including elite monsters that dropped runes.

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First of all, I was prepared to chastise you for a thread title that read as a negative about this game that I am loving so far (just kidding).

Second, SEVEN runs? Man, it probably took me seven runs just to get to the Clock Tower boss and it killed me in literal seconds.

As to if there is more, I've read that there are a total of 4 "main" bosses, but that was on a rather outdated Wiki and then I closed it immediately because I want to be as clueless as possible. It does seem like that "ending" is in keeping with the very weird lore in this game.

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@sethmode: Bear traps kind of break the game. Even the final boss doesn't seem to be able to handle them. I've very much enjoyed what I've played of the game, it just seems like all I've got left is to endlessly grind until I've unlocked all of the items in the game. But the ending is confusing and not at all satisfying. I was hoping for something more akin to Rogue Legacy's progression.

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@walkerd: How long did it take you to do these seven runs? I'm thinking of getting this based on all the positive coverage and I just wanted a met-van rogue-lite(like?) to try my hand at.

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I didn't have all of the rune abilities when I also "beat" the game so I sincerely believe there's a lot more to the game.

I think a lot of the end game is in getting the Boss Cells, but I've been content to grind out the unlocks and figure out ideal combinations before going for more serious Boss Cell runs.

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@merxworx01: My last run took a little over an hour. The others were about 30 minutes on average.

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@walkerd: thanks for the response. Sounds like I'll end up getting this, if only to try it out.

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Jesus Christ. Seven runs?! I was proud for reaching the Clock Tower on my second run (and then the enemies killed me in about 15 seconds).

Regardless, I'm loving this game. After slogging through Chasm, this feels sooooo much better to play, and it's got the right amount of discoverables/unlockables to scratch that OCD itch I have.

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At least you’ve gotten farther than me. I’m digging this, but I suck at playing this. The farthest I’ve gotten has been to the Ramparts and each time I have a good run, but an elite wipes me out. Still I feel like I need to search out the side quests and beat the elites to get the runes that provide power ups. There’s suppose to be the daily challenge right? So that gives you some kind of option after completing the story mode.

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Finally made it to the Black Bridge on my 8 or 9th run. Having a good weapon combo really makes a huge difference.

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Anyone playing on switch? Curious about the performance, I was planning to buy because I have some long flights in the next week, but heard it's a bit rough.

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@totsboy: When there are a lot of enemy's on the screen the framerate tends to drop.

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#16 Posted by ripelivejam (13076 posts) -

It's always fun/demoralizing reading about people blasting through games in a day and going all, "Is that it?"

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@walkerd: I cannot speak for the current version of the game, but before it went 1.0, every time you beat the final boss you were given, uhh... I forget what the achievement is called exactly , but basically a thing to increase the difficulty, of which there are four. You get one difficulty orb for every full run and where you use them is by using the glass tube in the starting area (below all the things you've unlocked). Increasing the difficulty increases the amount of cells and gold enemies drop, it also increases the base item level and what the blacksmith can increase items up to.

To give you an idea, on the highest difficulty I saw just before 1.0 went live, starting items would be pretty powerful, enemies from other biomes would appear in areas you weren't usually mean to see them (like the wizard zapper fuckers or twin-dagger assassin gits), food items would potentially be "rotten" and poison you, and any hits you take would induce a toxic status that constantly drains health until you're dead unless you chug potions or eat non-rotten food. Basically a 1-hit-and-you're-probably-gonna-die mode. I don't know if they hid any more secrets behind it, though, but there's definitely extra challenge to be found, and lots of other blueprints to find (as well as mutations).

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Wow, I must be really bad at this game. It took me 20 something runs just to get to the area with the fog that kills you. I got to the end but made a stupid mistake and died.

I might be bad at the game, but it’s still fun as hell.

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@pompouspizza: Nah, I don't think you're (we're, really) bad, just everyone on the internet is very good. I think I'm pretty good at the game and it probably took me a similar number of tries to get to that level. A lot of my problems stem from freaking the hell out when anything goes slightly wrong.

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@sethmode: I have exactly the same problem. If anything unexpected happens I suddenly forget all of the controls and panic.

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@pompouspizza: dunno if you've been to the Ancient Sewers yet but the mushroom jerks there have caused several panic attack spasms where I think my hands just seized up and started hitting buttons wildly until death or, in the best case scenario, loss of most of my HP.

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I've heard that there are daily quests in the game as well, right? Maybe those will entice you to keep playing if only for a little bit longer?

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@pompouspizza: I mostly get impatient with wanting to progress to new areas and will die from stupid mistakes although a few times the game is a little ehh. I was at the concierge fight with a perfect loadout, ice blast and those bear traps, so I either had him in a trap or frozen, nipping away at that lifebar, and then suddenly he leaped into me, stunned me, then somehow trapped me in the red shield that damages you in a way that I couldn't dodge out of it and took me out with two swings all in the space of like 3 seconds. Stuff like that, where you have to hit a boss 100 times but it takes all of 3 hits from the boss to kill you is something I'm not entirely fond of in games, especially when they're run based.

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@pompouspizza: Lmao you’re bad because it took 20 runs to get to the fog area? I’ve put in more than 20 and haven’t even gotten to the clock tower boss. I’d say you’re doing alright.

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#25 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2623 posts) -

I've done about 50 runs so far and only just recently got to and defeated the clock tower boss.

And you FINISHED the game in seven runs? I'm not saying you're a liar, but I am definitely saying I don't believe you, hahaha.

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#26 Posted by poobumbutt (944 posts) -

Huh. So as someone who's beaten the Time Keeper, I'm roughly half done the game?

I actually totally see the possibility in burning through this game that quickly. Not for ME, certainly; but SOMEONE, absolutely. Because this game seems to shy away from the typical roguelike formula of "now, here's the area where the enemies tear you apart instantly." Yes, if you face them in direct combat, that can happen, but thanks to the other reason why seven-runs-till-credits seems believable to me, its easy to avoid that. Which is, this game totally lets you fight like a coward. I love it. Even elites, which are supposed to be able to teleport to you, will sometimes seem to "not see me" and just keep hitting my Crossbow-matic until they die. Between that, getting some weapons you dig, a little luck and obviously, a good amount of skill, I can totally see that.

Now I'm conflicted, because on one hand, I'm glad the end is within sight for me. This will be the first roguelike I've ever finished if I manage to see credits on this, so yay! On the other hand, since I'm so close, I feel like my favorite weapon load-out combined with that "turn invisible and do sneak attack damage" amulet, I could make it to the end if I really concentrate. This is all well and good, but besides the Frantic Sword, I think all my fav weapons were available at the outset or at least VERY early into progression. So, I feel like the main mechanic of using cells to unlock possible weapons for like, 50 runs from now, will be rendered moot if I beat the game with the freakin' Blood Sword and Freeze Blast. It's the first roguelike I really love and I might just beat it playing it like a typical action platformer... which, to be clear, does NOT mean I wouldn't still love it to death if that were the case. Well, one way or another, here's hoping we're all happy with the results...?

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I played over 100 hours in EA. When 1.0 came out I decided to start from scratch, got to the last level on my first run. Yesterday I played a run where i had my favorite weapons, and a skill level of 16,4,8. I basically gave up on the clock tower boss because i was barely doing any damage to her and it would take forever to beat... The damage cap on bosses is a cheap way to pad content IMO, and the melaise in the last level from taking damage while fighting the Eliete's has kept me from beating the game at least 20 times.

I love this game, but sometimes i feel cheated, and this makes me sad :(

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