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    Dead Dunes

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    A vast expanse of desert, little lives in these reaches save for bandits and monsters. It is also home to ruins filled with ancient treasures.

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    The Dead Dunes are a vast expanse of desert and one of the four main regions in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Little in the way of civilization exists in this part of Nova Chrysalia save for gangs of desert bandits hunting for treasure buried in the ruins of temples scattered throughout. Here, Fang has become the leader of the bandits, and with Lightning's help, she wishes to seek out the Holy Clavis; an ancient artifact that the Order is desperate to get their hands on.

    The Dead Dunes are unique in that unlike the other primary locations in the game, its most dangerous monsters appear during daylight hours rather than during the night. To make navigation across the sands easier, there are red Cactaur statues scattered about the landscape that serve as teleportation waypoints. Lightning may travel between any two that she has activated at will.

    The Ultimate Dungeon

    If Lightning manages to collect enough Eradia over the game's first twelve days, time will be given a special extension, and on the thirteenth day, she will be able to explore the Ultimate Dungeon. This bonus dungeon, found in the Dead Dunes, is only accessible on the thirteenth day of the game. The monsters housed within are exclusively Last Ones; rare, extra-powerful variants of other monsters Lightning has encountered during the game. While in the Ultimate Dungeon, the game's clock does not pause during battle, and the ability Chronostasis cannot be used. The player's goal is to descend to the bottom of the dungeon while defeating as many Last Ones as possible within the time limit. However, the player is not required to descend into the dungeon and can use the extra day to tend to other activities if so desired.


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