$20 on steam today. Worth it?

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#1 Posted by MikeHawk (429 posts) -

I really enjoy playing open world RPG/FPS hybrids, but I'm a bit worried whether or not I will like this game. $20 isn't much of a risk, but with the backlog I already have, I don't want to add a game to my list that I won't finish. Anyways, is this game worth getting today? Also, how is the PC customization/optimization? I have a good PC and want Dead Island to look good on it.

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#2 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

fuck ya!

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#3 Posted by AlexW00d (7519 posts) -

The game runs fine on PC but it looks pretty shitty. Or, at least, it doesn't really look like a PC game.

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#4 Posted by atomslayer95 (22 posts) -

If you have three friends who want it as well, you can get it for 15 dollars each with the 4 pack, I do not know what you mean by PC custimization, as Jeff has said it does not work with the Nvidia two monitor thing, otherwise it works fine seemingly, I got it with 3 friends and it seems worth it.

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#5 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2833 posts) -
The game is outstanding. There are a lot of mods out that increase the graphics past the standard settings and even change up the sunny lighting in some of the levels.  That was the last time I checked a few months ago, I don't know how many other things awesome things people have come up with. Yes it is well worth 20 dollars.
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#6 Posted by Aeterna (1129 posts) -

Wait, what's going on here? You're mentioned 15$ and 20$ prices... normally dollar changes to euro, this time it's even worse as the price here is 25euro and 18.5 each for a 4-pack.

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#7 Posted by phrali (677 posts) -


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#8 Posted by Deusx (1943 posts) -

To tell you the truth, that game bored me to DEATH.

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#9 Posted by phil87z (22 posts) -

Once i got the second zone i stopped playing. Really disappointing game. 20 bucks isn't a bad price but be weary the game gets old FAST!!!!

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#10 Posted by MikeHawk (429 posts) -

@phrali: well steam is running lots of good deals this weekend and I have a limited amount of money I want to spend (gotta buy Christmas gifts and stuff, too). I don't want to blow my money on a decent game if I can wait and find a better game for the same price.

@Resident4t: ok, that's what I meant by customization. Texture packs, gameplay tweaks, etc. I think I will buy it then.

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