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So the only achievement i have yet to get in this game is the level 50 achievement, and I really have no interest in playing any more of the campaign. So i was wondering if their has been any word on DLC coming out for this game, I know they are doing an arena mode at some point but couldnt find when that will be released. Any world on addition campaign missions or anything?

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Pretty sure in the downloadable content menu it shows a fat whoever White Campaign. No idea if that will carry over levels but yeah.

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ripper dlc, arena dlc, ryder white campaign dlc. all should be out in a week or 2.

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When you compare PS3 trophies with someone, the BloodBath Arena trophies show up.

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Have they released a new patch that fixed screwed save games yet?

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@Twisted_Scot Yes seems to be ok now.

Early days but so far looks good. Just as well because I had given up.

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