Newb and co-op questions

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Hey everyone,

Very new to Dead Island, just got it not too long ago. Having a little difficulty that is quite frankly making this game not terribly enjoyable.

First of all, I picked Xian as my character, thinking sharp weapons would be nifty enough. I cannot believe how much damage you take if you get hit. And god help you if three zombies get on you. Am I missing something? Is there some special move or tactic you can use? Suggestions on the skill tree on level up? Where should I dump my points? Is lockpick important at all?

Next question is about Co-Op. So I was playing and like 3 people joined in on my game and they were like level 40 or something. Anyway, they stayed with me for a while, we knocked out like a ton of the main story missions. I think I unlocked like 8 achievements doing this. We went at such a pace that I didn't even keep up with what was actually happening. I didn't even have a chance to kill anything either. And they were really impatient, like they just kept plowing through.

Anyway, now I am in like Chapter 13 in the jungle and the enemies are just brutal. I got double teamed by some Butchers and I just had no chance at all. Am I just totally screwed? I just feel like I am completely out of my league with the enemies. I am not sure with how to proceed. In some ways I think I should just start over. Or maybe I could fnd a couple high level players to just finish the game for me in co-op first and grab the last few storyline achievements. Then start over and play through it on my own?

Would love any advice.

I am slippyintesties on Xbox Live. If any of you have high level charcters and could help me out that would be awesome. Oh, and I need to go to the Supermarket and farm diamonds, and drop off the green skull, but the enemies there just kick my ass, so if you are feeling hospitable, I'd love a hand.

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No, your not screwed in the jungle, hit me up on xbox qbdeal1 i will give you a hand. The zombies should be at your level or lower. You can always go back to the other areas and do side quests. If you need help let me know.

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People are still playing Dead Island?

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@TheDudeOfGaming: It's on sale on Amazon. I got it Monday...

Also: Yeah! Two thousand posts! Yeah! ...It only took me like 3 years.

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@cstrang: I remember when i started playing Dead Island, i was so hyped. And then the initial impression wore off and i realized that it was a mediocre game at best (at least in my opinion). 0% story and replay value.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: It's not spectacular by any means, but I get a kick out of blowing zombies' heads off. And also trying to break the game in various ways.

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This game is fucking broke. Twice it erased my data. The second time it cost me almost 10 levels and 10 hours. There will never be a decent zombie game on the PS3.

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