Patch 1.1.1

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Has anyone got this patch on the ps3, tried checking online on what it does, but havent piucked up anything, just wondering if anyone has gotten this patch and tried playing Multiplayer. kinda scared of losing my safe file if i tried .

If you're wondering what server, ii live in South Africa, so I'm guessing we use the European server of psn. I could be wrong, haven't done fact checking.

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I have patched up the PS3 version to (1.2), shows as 1.1.1 in the game menu.

I can't say for certain what the patch has fixed, but from what I've gleaned it's supposed to fix the save issue mainly. try the following link forwarded by "Deep Silver", who arn't going to do their own forum by the way.

I've noticed an extra option in the multiplayer section to turn off notifications for matched players.

I've played with co-op mode for a few hours, restarted played for some more hours & it does apear to be saveing progress properly and I've kept new items found. It doesn't seem to have made things worse yet :P

I had been playing this in singleplayer only as I just kept randomly loosing progess with the multiplayer co-op turned on. I haven't had any corrupt saves though, just the not saving problem

Oh and I'm from the UK so most probably on the EU servers.

I hope this helps

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Yeah it does, thanks a lot

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I've read that the new patch for PS3 has now been approved and is available for North America. If anyone has any insight, please let us know...

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Really hoping that this fixes the save issue. As it stands, I lost about three hours of progress, including all three of the Heads of Cerberus quests (which are a pain). I'm going to give it a try tonight, if anyone wants to co-op. PSN: Ragnarok7038

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Patch seems to have fixed the save bug (this on PS3). I do wonder though if it killed my console. Game did a straight up, old school crash on frozen screen. PS3 won't reboot past initial screen anymore.

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Wow this game really is Fallout with zombies.

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