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Zombies ARE back, Brad. At least for a moment...

Left for Borderlands. Good enough COOP. Decent loot management. Interesting environments. This game has these things. But if the repetitive combat was as shallow as it appears at first, a few bullet points wouldn't save it. This thing has some issues. Some bigger than others, and they're all made evident in the first half hour. Right away you might notice the clumsy (at first) interface, some not-quite-2011-pre-holiday graphics (don't play a stunner like Dead Space 2 prior like I did), and a co-op system that tries it's best to keep you away from your friends. I even had some very minor screen tearing on my 360 setup. BUT... stick with it at least until you learn all those things they didn't teach you in the 10-20 min prologue. Add a good deal of RPG depth to your character management and what first looks like a left 4 dead rip-off set to 'slappers only' actually becomes a really tactful Z combat romp. Get over a few odd production hurdles and discover a great game. It's truly a blast, and I can't wait play single player. Zombies are def back, even if only for a few weeks.

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