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A Vacation To Remember

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed messing around grinding in the first portion of a game thanks to the addictive melee combat system & getting those pretty exp points to pop up!

That you'll be spending most of your time doing as you slay zombies! on the beautiful paradise resort island known as Dead Island

Zombie game were not really relevant till oddly Call of Duty World of War developed by Treyarch would bring us

Nazi Zombie Mode a 4 player cooperative mode that became it's own game in itself spawning a cult following

Valve would then bring us Left 4 Dead series & even Rockstar Undead Nightmare DLC via Red Dead Redemption

PSN & Xbox Live would cashed in on the craze as well with various Zombie Arcade Titles

Now here we are with Dead Island made by a Studio not really widely know Deep Silver

Now what makes Dead Island different? well it's the RPG aspect building your character skills in specific weapon types as you freely explore an open world that does not tie you down

The Good +

Play as 1 of 4 characters with there own unique perks

A beautiful free roaming open world to explore

Manual RPG character build progression system

Addictive melee combat system

Breaking cutting off limbs physics

Looting weapons & money

Repair & crafting system

Optional auto matchmaking online Co-Op with friends & strangers

The Bad -

Not a story driven drama as depicted in the famous emotional debut trailer

Characters you play as are somewhat shallow & cliche

NPC models are nothing special somewhat has a dated look in some cases look odd especially female models

US/EU developers can't seem to get this right as appose to Japanese developers which are really good at character animations

Head bobbing movement effect is a jarring experience especially when looting

Screen tarring

Restricted for the most part to melee weapons not really built as a shooter though you get guns later on

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