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Dead Nation is a pretty good game, despite a few issues.

Thanks to the Sony "Welcome Back" program, I got my hands on Dead Nation. So, thanks Sony.  
But let's get down to the review. Dead Nation is a dual-joystick shooter set in it's own variation of the zombie apocalypse. Though that description doesn't really sound all that interesting, Dead Nation is actually a pretty good game, save for a few issues. First I will note all of the things I enjoyed while playing Dead Nation. 
The shooting itself, while not exactly revolutionary, is still pretty tight and the game actually does demand a bit of strategy, especially in the later parts of the game. 
  The weapons are decent too,  except for the flamethrower and shotgun which in my opinion felt pretty bad; I mainly stuck to the default gun and the smg for pretty much the entire game. There is also some light customization and I mean LIGHT, since all armor does is slightly tweak stats and since you can't really get a good look at your character during the action; it makes finding all of the armor kind of pointless.

 Dead Nation also looks really nice, though I found myself turning the brightness all the way to max. Which leads me to the first of this games issues, visibility. While sometimes the lighting helps the atmosphere, most of the time it just obscures your view, leading to moments of frustration. 
As far as story is concerned; Dead Nation has a paper-thin storyline
 that opens in a pretty mundane way, and fizzles out at the end.  
So overall Dead Nation is decent game that suffers from some odd lighting problems and a lack of any real narrative outside of the " Zombies everywhere!!!" concept.

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