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DOA4 is an amazing fighter in every way possible. 0

DOA has always been a great fighting franchise that always seems to change with the times with every installment,without losing anything players loved about the previous entry's to Tecmo's Life Saver.Though you may not see it at first DOA 4 improves on DOA Ultimate in every way possible,other than number of costumes,and if you are a devote to the series,you have to own this game.People who are not fighting fanatics are probably going to get there ass handed to them,but will eventually learn the ...

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All style, no substance. 0

I must admit that I was a little disappointed with DOA4. I owned DOA3 on the Xbox and despite it's faults I did play it through to the bitter end to get all the hidden goodies. Although DOA4 is graphically everything you'd ever expect from a game in this series, gameplay wise it just feels like a bit of a step backwards. My main bone of contention is the computer AI. Although initially quite easy to beat it quickly heads towards being almost infallible. It will almost always counter you success...

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One of the best fighting games on the Xbox 360 0

Dead or Alive 4 is one of the best fighting games for the Xbox 360, the thing that makes this game so good is the online mode, with good gameplay and a good set of characters if you add those 2 with an online mode that supports 16 players you're asking for the king of fighters.The GoodAll characters are amusing to use, you'll find yourself asking for more than the 22 provided.Characters have 4 or more costumes.Counter system makes button mashing impossible.Online mode supports up to 16 players.R...

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Doesn't stray far from its roots 0

Dead or alive does what it does best and continues to give us more of what we would come to expect from team ninja. The graphics are a great start for the xbox software launch and the game handles real well. The sounds are great, giving you an intense feeling of play. The music is relevant to the stages, but i feel as if it doesn't mix with the fast paced of the actual gameplay. The online is revolutionary in its ranking system and the fact that you gain money as well to buy more stuff for your ...

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