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    Dead or Alive 5

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Sep 25, 2012

    Dead or Alive 5 is the seventh entry in the Dead or Alive fighting game franchise, introducing a new visual style, new game mechanics, and highly interactive stages.

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    Announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2011, Dead or Alive 5 is a brand new entry in the Dead or Alive franchise. Team Ninja head, Yosuke Hayashi, has said that this game represents "fighting entertainment," more than just a regular DoA game. There will be more dynamic environments in the fighting arenas, such as an explosion setting off when a fighter gets knocked into a power transformer, similar to the Danger Zone in previous titles, and the environment collapsing around them. Setting off environmental hazards will drastically change the fighting environment. After Dead or Alive 5 was released, it was mentioned that Uncharted 2 jaw-breaking set pieces delivered the inspiration behind the concept of "fighting entertainment."

    For the first time, Team Ninja will release a Dead or Alive title on multiple platforms at launch. Dead or Alive 5 will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 upon release. DOA5 will be directed by Yohei Shimbori, who oversaw direction over the studio's first DOA fighting title post-Itagaki, Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

    A Playstation Vita version, entitled "Dead or Alive 5 Plus" was announced on IGN's IPL YouTube channel by Yosuke Hayashi on December 1st, 2012. Claiming that it would have "features which are appealing as the DOA5 Plus name reads are planned," DOA5+ will feature touch-screen controls, a new first-person mode and exclusive costumes in addition to the base game. Save data and DLC costume packs are also exchangeable between the Playstation 3 and Vita versions, as well as the availability of cross-platform play between the two systems. It was released on March 19th, 2013 in North America.


    Dead or Alive 5 is a 3D fighting game where players can move around in a 3D-axis allowing sidestepping and more movement freedom compared to 2D fighters. The game utilizes four buttons to pull off punches, kicks, throws and counters holds. Most moves assigned to a character can be pulled off by pressing either punch or kick while holding down or pressing a direction on the d-pad or analog stick. However, elaborate and expert moves and grabs (such as Hayabusa's Izuna Drop) require longer and more difficult inputs.

    The goal is to empty the opponent's vitality (life) bar, or have the most vitality upon the round time expiring to win. Players can use the environment to their advantage, utilizing the unique multi-tiered stages and environmental hazards

    The Triangle System

    Dead or Alive revolves around a rock paper scissors-esque system, where certain attacks will beat out other attacks. This system is called The Triangle System.

    No Caption Provided
    • Strikes Beat Throws: Punching or kicking an opponent during their initial grab (before the grab connects) will take priority over the grab and beat the grab.
    • Throws Beat Holds: Performing a grab on an opponent while they are attempting to perform a counter hold will take priority over the hold, since grabs cannot be countered with a hold.
    • Holds Beat Strikes: Performing the correct counter hold right before an opponent strikes will beat the strike and will result in a counter hold, dealing damage to the opponent.

    New Features & Additions

    DOA5 features the option to display move data for advanced players
    DOA5 features the option to display move data for advanced players

    Dead or Alive 5 features a revamped visual style. While predecessors modeled characters in an anime-esque style, DOA5 depicts characters in a more realistic style, with more realistic eyes and facial animation.

    In addition to the visual style, a new layer of detail has been added to the character models. Characters can now collect dirt on their skin, hair and clothing, as well as sweat. These details will not alter gameplay, but they do alter the looks of characters. For example, Hitomi's tank top costume becomes more and more see-through as the match goes on, eventually exposing her bra.

    Returning from Dead or Alive: Dimensions comes the ability to show a character's move list on the screen to help players perform combos and special moves. It is also possible to make it display damage statistics, frame data and other information at the bottom of the screen for each move and combo.

    Environmental Interaction

    Environmental attacks will play a much more significant role in the gameplay in comparison to other games in the Dead or Alive series. Sending your opponent flying into transformers and unstable pillars will trigger explosions and falling objects, for examples. While environmental hazards were more or less novelties and background interactions in past games, Dead or Alive 5 relies heavily on them. Because they are much more elaborate this time around, it is possible to shift the momentum of battle by successfully utilizing your surroundings to your advantage. Breaking an enemy through an object or wall on various environments gives you guaranteed stun damage without breaking current combo threshold, allowing an extension of the combo. Some level interactions will also help your combo or give you a guaranteed air bounce extension to a combo you already ended on an environment.

    A Cliffhanger Moment seen in action
    A Cliffhanger Moment seen in action

    New to the series is what has been called a "Cliffhanger" moment, used in a fairly literal sense occurs when a player attempts to send their opponent off a building, or any equivalent hazard. While the opponent is hanging from the building, the attacking player can send their victim all the way down to the bottom to trigger a dangerous hazard such as being hit by a truck on the street, or the victim can counter the attack, ensuring that both players reach the bottom with minimal damage. This can be done by pressing the same button used to launch the Cliffhanger moment.

    These Cliffhanger moments are triggered by simply knocking your opponent into an object that triggers one of these events, or using a new attack called the "Power Blow".

    New Moves & Properties

    The Power Blow is a new move for all characters in Dead or Alive 5. Best compared to a "Focus Attack" from Street Fighter IV, there are two stages to this attack. When the assigned Power Blow button has not been held down for the entire duration, the attack will stumble and stun the opponent, similar to a "crumple" seen in SFIV. If held down for the entire duration, however, it will slow time down and pan the camera behind the character as they choose where to send their opponent towards. Glowing areas in the environment signify environmental hazards that can dangerously alter the stage, as well as trigger the aforementioned Cliffhanger moment.

    The Power Blow, revised from feedback from players based on the Alpha build is now only able to trigger a Cliffhanger moment when the user has less than 50% vitality (flashing red health bar). Attempting a Power Blow on an opponent while the user has more than 50% vitality will only deal stun to the opponent.

    Character status for effects such as the Critical Burst will appear under the lifebar of the character affected.
    Character status for effects such as the Critical Burst will appear under the lifebar of the character affected.

    In addition to the Power Blow, players can now put their opponents in a state called Critical Burst. New to Dead or Alive 5, when a player performs a move with the Critical Burst property, their opponent becomes completely defenseless, unable to perform holds or block. This is significantly more fatal than a Critical Stun, which makes the opponent unable to block attacks, but can still perform counter holds.

    Enhanced Training Mode

    Dead or Alive 5 features the most detailed, advanced training mode in the series. New to the series is a feature that allows the player to record a series of inputs with a training dummy, and then playback said inputs. The time in which the training dummy recovers from knockdown and staggers can also be set by the player to practice certain situations. The speed at which the dummy attempts to perform counter holds can also be set to experiment with Critical Burst setups.

    Along with these new features, the standard features from previous DOA games return, including a full exercise mode the player can practice every move in a character's move list.

    The PlayStation Vita version features a "Training Plus" mode. This mode, in addition to having more details on individual moves and combos, adds a dedicated tutorial and a Combo Challenge mode similar to the trials in Street Fighter IV.


    Dead or Alive features a unique counter system in which players can counter all incoming attacks by pressing the Guard button and a directional button corresponding to a mid, low or high attack to deal devastating damage while ensuring that they take no damage. These are called "holds." DOA5 will be continuing to use the four-point counter hold system introduced in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate, where there will be four different ways to counter attacks as opposed to the simpler three-point system from Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

    • Diagonal Up Back + Hold will counter all high strikes
    • Backwards + Hold will counter all med punches
    • Forwards + Hold will counter all med kicks
    • Diagonal Down Back + Hold will counter all low strikes


    Dead or Alive 5 takes place two years after the events of Dead or Alive 4, where the DOATEC main headquarters were destroyed the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan and by the president of DOATEC herself, Helena Douglas.

    Helena has rebuilt DOATEC from the ground up, deciding that the company needed to take itself into a direction where it doesn't focus on bioweapon experimentation. As a result, Helena dissolves the company's biotechnology division, as well as suspending all work done to projects Alpha, Epsilon and Omega. Victor Donovan and his offices worldwide have also been revoked of any power.

    Helena, to kick start the new DOATEC, sends a message to fighters all over the world, announcing the fifth Dead or Alive tournament.

    While the tournament rages on Kasumi pursues her clone Alpha 152 who went missing after the DOATEC towers were destroyed at the end of Dead or Alive 4. Whispers of Victor Donovan resurfacing with a new company known as MIST make their way to Hayate. Hayate and Ayane shadow Kasumi on her journey in an attempt to provide backup.


    Dead or Alive 5 features most of the main cast from the previous entries, along with two brand new characters and Alpha-152.


    Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive: Dimensions
    Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    A clone of Kasumi and the result of Project Alpha helmed by Victor Donovan. She also served as the final boss of Dead or Alive 4.

    • Nationality: Unknown
    • Occupation: Clone
    • Style: Modified Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu
    • Age: Unknown


    No Caption Provided

    Ayane made her playable debut in the Playstation version of Dead or Alive. Under orders to assassinate her half-sister Kasumi, this purple-haired ninja is the winner of the third Dead or Alive tournament and played a part in the destruction of DOATEC with her Mugen Tenshin brethren.

    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Occupation: Kunoichi
    • Style: Ninjutsu
    • Age: 18

    Bass Armstrong

    No Caption Provided

    Bass Armstrong is the father of Tina Armstrong, who constantly struggles to prevent her from becoming famous. It's implied that he currently works at an oil rig with Rig, and has officially retired professional wrestling.

    • Nationality: American
    • Occupation: Professional Wrestler / Oil Rig Worker
    • Style: Wrestling
    • Age: 48


    No Caption Provided

    Bayman is a former assassin who made his debut in the first Dead or Alive. He is known for carrying out the assassination of the former DOATEC head, Fame Douglas.

    • Nationality: Russian
    • Occupation: Retired Assassin
    • Style: Sambo
    • Age: 33

    Brad Wong

    No Caption Provided

    Brad Wong is a master of the Drunken Fist fighting style. His quest was to search out for the legendary wine called Genra-- which also happened to be the name of Ayane's foster father.

    • Nationality: Chinese
    • Occupation: Unoccupied Drunk
    • Style: Drunken Fist
    • Age: 32


    No Caption Provided

    Christie is an assassin, known for assassinating the mother of Helena Douglas. She made her debut in Dead or Alive 3, and has become a fan-favorite.

    • Nationality: British
    • Occupation: Assassin
    • Style: She Quan
    • Age: 26


    No Caption Provided

    Eliot is an apprentice and successor to Master Gen-Fu.

    • Nationality: British
    • Occupation: High School Student
    • Style: Xing Yi Quan
    • Age: 18


    No Caption Provided

    Formerly known as Ein, Hayate is the current leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan.

    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Occupation: Ninja
    • Style: Ninjutsu
    • Age: 25

    Helena Douglas

    No Caption Provided

    Helena Douglas is the current president of DOATEC. She takes control of DOATEC after the assassination of her father and former president of the company, Fame Douglas. She attempted to commit suicide and destroy DOATEC, but she was saved by Zack at the last second. Ever since, she has rebuilt DOATEC sans the focus on experimental weapons, and plays a large role in the Dead or Alive story.

    • Nationality: French
    • Occupation: Opera Singer and Current DOATEC President
    • Style: Pi Gua Quan
    • Age: 23


    No Caption Provided

    Hitomi made her debut in Dead or Alive 3 as a cheerful, caring Karate student. Her father is a German karate instructor, and her mother is Japanese.

    • Nationality: German
    • Occupation: High School Student
    • Style: Karate
    • Age: 20


    No Caption Provided

    Gen-Fu is a martial arts master who first entered the Dead or Alive tournament to afford treatment for his sick daughter. Trained in the art of Xingyi Liuhe Quan, he also was the mentor and trainer of Eliot.

    • Nationality: Chinese
    • Occupation: Bookstore owner
    • Style: Xingyi Liuhe Quan
    • Age: 67

    Jann Lee

    No Caption Provided

    Jann Lee is a fighter who debuted in the first Dead or Alive tournament. He has an on-going rivalry with Lei Fang, who destines to become stronger than Jann Lee. Energetic and cocky, he has become a fan favorite among DOA fans.

    • Nationality: Chinese
    • Occupation: Bouncer
    • Style: Jeet Kune Do
    • Age: 22


    No Caption Provided

    Kasumi is a runaway ninja who left her clan in search for her missing brother, Hayate. As a result, she has been exiled from the Mugen Tenshin clan and is under constant assassination attempts by her half-sister, Ayane. Kasumi is also the winner of the first Dead or Alive tournament.

    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Occupation: Exiled Ninja
    • Style: Ninjitsu
    • Age: 19


    No Caption Provided

    Kokoro is a geisha who debuted in Dead or Alive 4 as a young girl who wanted to compete in the Dead or Alive tournament against her mother's wishes.

    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Occupation: Geisha
    • Style: Ba Ji Quan
    • Age: 19

    Lisa Hamilton (La Mariposa)

    No Caption Provided

    Lisa is a former DOATEC scientist who performed work on the Kasumi Alpha clone during her time in Germany. She fights in the Dead or Alive tournament as the mysterious wrestler La Mariposa.

    • Nationality: American
    • Occupation: Luchadora
    • Style: Lucha Libre
    • Age: 23

    Lei Fang

    No Caption Provided

    Lei Fang is a college student who made her debut in the first Dead or Alive tournament. Skilled in the art of Tai Chi Quan, she is technical and powerful. She has an on-going rivalry with Jann Lee.

    • Nationality: Chinese
    • Occupation: College Student
    • Style: Tai Chi Quan
    • Age: 21


    No Caption Provided

    Mila is a newcomer to Dead or Alive. She is an aspiring MMA fighter who trains hard while juggling a part-time job to keep afloat. She acts and dresses in a tomboyish nature, and deeply admires Bass Armstrong.

    • Nationality: Unknown
    • Occupation: Diner Hostess & Aspiring MMA Fighter
    • Style: Mixed Martial Arts
    • Age: Unknown


    No Caption Provided

    Rig is a newcomer to Dead or Alive 5. He spends his time in an oil rig, with no knowledge of his real name or where he came from. Skilled in the martial art of taekwondo, he brings a unique set of moves to the competition.

    • Nationality: Canadian
    • Occupation: Oil Rig Worker
    • Style: Taekwondo
    • Age: n/a

    Ryu Hayabusa

    No Caption Provided

    Ryu Hayabusa is the star of the Ninja Gaiden series as well as a participant in the Dead or Alive tournaments, making his debut in the first Dead or Alive tournament. He is close with the Mugen Tenshin Clan.

    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Occupation: Antique Shop Owner
    • Style: Ninjutsu
    • Age: 25

    Tina Armstrong

    No Caption Provided

    Tina debuted in the first Dead or Alive tournament as a professional wrestler. She often competes in tag matches with her father, Bass despite their differences on how Tina should run her life. She is often at the center of Zack's attention.

    • Nationality: American
    • Occupation: Pro Wrestler
    • Style: Wrestling
    • Age: 24


    No Caption Provided

    Zack is a colorful, slightly odd DJ who made his debut in the first Dead or Alive tournament. He was responsible for the creation and destruction of Zack Island, as well as the creation of New Zack Island. He seems to have an interest in Tina Armstrong.

    • Nationality: American
    • Occupation: DJ
    • Style: Muay Thai
    • Age: 27

    In addition to the main roster, Dead or Alive 5 also features guest characters from Sega's legendary Virtua Fighter series.

    Akira Yuki

    No Caption Provided

    Akira Yuki, an iconic figure of the Virtua Fighter series, is a guest character in Dead or Alive 5.

    • Occupation: Instructor
    • Style: Hakkyoku-ken (Baijiquan)
    • Age: 44

    Sarah Bryant

    No Caption Provided

    Sarah Bryant is the second guest character from the Virtua Fighter series.

    • Age: 40

    Pai Chan

    Pai is the third and final guest character from the Virtua fighter series in Dead or Alive 5.

    No Caption Provided
    • Age: 38
    • Hobby: Dancing
    • Style: Ensei-Ken



    No Caption Provided

    Scramble is set on a rooftop in a busy city during nightfall. Surrounded by explosive generators and unstable pillars, there are plenty of opportunities to deal massive damage to opponents. The fight can spill to the busy street below by triggering a Cliffhanger Moment. This is the only stage available in the Alpha build.


    No Caption Provided

    Flow starts on a raft floating along a river. Players start in a cave and fight locked inside of the raft until it reaches a waterfall, where the raft crashes against rocks. From here, players can trigger a Cliffhanger moment to continue the fight in the jungle below, where wildlife resides.

    Hot Zone

    No Caption Provided

    Hot Zone is set on a destroyed street in the middle of a battlefield, presumably somewhere in the Middle East. Players should be aware of their dangerous surroundings as hostile soldiers and sweeping helicopters can fire if fighters get too close.

    The Show

    No Caption Provided

    The Show is a colorful, fun stage set in the middle of a circus. Watch out for flaming hoops, tigers and getting shot out of a gigantic clown face as the crowd cheers the Dead or Alive fighters on.


    No Caption Provided

    Sakura is a beautiful, open yard scattered with cherry blossoms. With no exploding vehicles or big clown faces in the way, Sakura is a great stage for down-to-business, serious fighting where your moves matter more than the environment around you. This stage is also available for tag team play.


    No Caption Provided

    Sweat is a simple stage set inside a gym wrestling ring.


    No Caption Provided

    Fuel is set on top the oil rig where Rig resides from. Full of explosive tanks and multiple floors to fight on, fires can spread and create a truly dangerous fighting environment.

    Fighting Entertainment

    No Caption Provided

    Fighting Entertainment is Dead or Alive 5's rendition of the DWA Coliseum from Dead or Alive 4-- a lively wrestling ring with explosive ropes. This stage is also available for tag team play.

    Dead or Alive

    No Caption Provided

    Dead or Alive is a stage set in a hexagonal wrestling ring, right before a lively crowd, and large screens with images of the Dead or Alive fighters.

    The Ends of the Earth

    No Caption Provided

    Serving as Dead or Alive 5's snow stage, The Ends of the Earth is set in an icy environment, where players can knock one another off cliffs to deal fall damage to their opponents.


    No Caption Provided

    Sanctuary is a stage set in the depths of the jungle, inside of hidden ruins. This stage features a Danger Zone triggered by a Power Blow that can send an opponent straight into a large, rolling boulder.


    No Caption Provided

    Home is a stage set in a Chinese home made of stone and wood. The fight can spill to the basement of the home, and can go out to the courtyard, where players can knock their opponents into tables, chairs and other environmental objects. Home is the largest tiered stage of any fighting game with sixteen tiers. Breaking an enemy through another wall, or floor takes you to the next tier. Home is known for offering players lots of environmental guaranteed damage due to the walls, and breakable objects.


    No Caption Provided

    Depth is set in an underwater DOATEC base. Starting on an elevator, utilizing the Danger Zones can make the elevator unstable, sending it rocketing towards the bottom where the elevator crashes. From here, players can use the Power Blow to send their opponent flying towards other descending elevators.


    No Caption Provided

    Street is set in New York City, where fighters start on a rooftop next to a subway track. From here, players can destroy a neon sign that goes onto the subway track, derailing the train and sending it flying. Players can also initiate a Power Blow to hit their opponent into a train that crashes through a nearby building, and onto the street below.

    Temple of the Dragon

    No Caption Provided

    Temple of the Dragon takes place in the Dragon Tower where players can throw their opponents through the floor of the temple, or through a window that leads to a beautiful cherry blossom garden outside.


    No Caption Provided

    Dojo is a returning stage from Dead or Alive 4 and Dead or Alive Dimensions. Designed for sparring, this stage is nothing more but tatami mats. There are no objects, danger zones or cliffhanger moments. It is an endless stage with no walls, and is the default training stage in Dead or Alive 5.

    Pre-Order Bonuses & Collector's Edition

    Pre-ordering Dead or Alive 5 from Gamestop will come with a set of white bunny swimsuits for Kasumi, Lei Fang and Hitomi. Pre-ordering from Amazon will come with black bunny swimsuits for Ayane, Tina and Christie.

    The Collector's Edition of Dead or Alive 5 comes with:

    The "Devil" and "Angel" bunny themed bikini pre-order costumes.
    • Swimsuit costumes for the entire female roster
    • Hardcover Art Book
    • Soundtrack CD
    • Full color poster of the entire roster
    • "First-Class" steel case

    The Collector's Edition will be available for 79.99$


    First print copies of an earlier Team Ninja release, Ninja Gaiden 3, were packaged with a demo of Dead or Alive 5. The PlayStation 3 version of the demo features the characters Ayane and Hayate, while Xbox 360 players get to play as Hitomi and Ryu Hayabusa. All four characters are available in a premium demo for one console with any collector's edition of Ninja Gaiden 3.

    The demo features the Scramble stage as the only playable stage. Each character features two costumes, with Ayane and Hitomi sporting new costumes. With feedback from players, the final product is being built upon suggestions and feedback from alpha build players.

    Patch Update

    Released on February 12, 2013 for Playstation 3 and February 26, 2013 for Xbox 360.

    The most current patch, also known as Ver. 1. 03 fixed a lot of gameplay glitches, improved search options, and added a few social features such as Facebook and Youtube replay uploads, as well as move additions and tweaks to every character.

    Several characters also received damage reduction from offensive holds, throws and natural combos. Alpha 152 received this biggest list of reduction, but also took an upgraded 10 points of damage to her most powerful move.

    There were also universal changes to the system; such as not being able to tech roll off of moves that were mistakenly allowed.

    Ver. 1. 03 is also a requirement to download the new map "Zack Island" an unfinished map, not complete from the alpha build, added free with the patch.


    • This is the first Dead or Alive fighting game on a console in almost six years.
    • Between the release of Dead or Alive 4 and the announcement of Dead or Alive 5, there have been three "Dead or Alive" spin-offs.
    • Upon the reveal of Dead or Alive 5's rendition of Hitomi, feedback was negative. Fans thought that Hitomi looked odd. In response to this, Team Ninja altered Hitomi's face to suit feedback from fans, which was revealed to warmer reception during E3 2012.
    • The dialogue of the Virtua Fighter characters Akira, Sarah, and Pai is taken directly from the Virtua Fighter series. As a result, there is a distinct drop in the audio quality of the voice samples when compared to the DOA characters. The audio language selection also has no effect on their voices. No matter the setting, Akira and Pai speak Japanese, while Sarah speaks English.
    • Hayashi expressed great interest in added Ryo Hazuki from Sega's Shenmue franchise.
    • Dead or Alive 5 holds a wide array of secret moves not listed in the tutorial for various characters.
    • A player's titles will be linked to their respective Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate saved game.
    • Several of the Dead or Alive 5 DLC packs are linked to a player's Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate saved game.

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