So, for anyone who has the demo... Impressions?

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Just got through playing the Premium demo I got with my 360 CE of NG3 and I gotta say I'm really looking forward to DOA5. There isn't a whole lot in the demo itself but the thought of getting back into a DOA game has me excited. The AI is REALLY easy in the demo though. Can't wait to see more and possibly a more update version of the demo as the provided demo is apparently an Alpha build at least according to the insert that was in NG3.

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I predict boobies. Is there boobies?

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@StrikeALight: There are boobies and there is even the Wet T-shirt tech from DOAX 2. After my fight with Hitomi she was all sweaty and you could see through her shirt. So yeah!

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I just wanna say... Ryu Hayabusa is still the biggest bad-ass ever even without the Dragon Sword. Honestly, even as a fan I think he is kind of overpowered in DOA. You can just straight up murder people with him. He can play stupid crazy mind games with his teleport and the teleport has tons of options. High, Low, Grab and even can just straight up feign a teleport to throw you off. And the Izuna Drop is still so much fun to pull off. I'm really excited to see what costumes they pick for him. Hopefully some of his Ninja Gaiden 2 costumes.

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