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    Dead or Alive

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Nov 26, 1996

    The first in Tecmo's signature 3D fighting game series, Dead or Alive introduces the world to a special "rock-paper-scissors" system with strikes, grapples, and counter-attacks.

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    Dead or Alive is a 3D fighting game developed and released by Tecmo for arcades (using Sega Model 2 hardware) on November 26, 1996. In Europe, the game was released by Acclaim.

    Powered by the same hardware as Sega's Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, Dead or Alive is Tecmo's first attempt at a 3D fighting game and is notable as the company's last-ditch effort to save itself from bankruptcy in the mid-'90s. The studio behind the game would later become the Tecmo subsidiary Team Ninja and would use this name in the game's numerous sequels and spin-offs.

    Along with its tie-in with the Ninja Gaiden series (with the series protagonist as a playable fighter) and its use of physics for breast movement, the game is notable for its introduction of the "Triangle System": a series staple mechanic where standard attacks (Strikes) are countered by dedicated counter-attack grapples (Holds), which are itself countered by standard grapples (Throws), which are itself countered by standard attacks. The game also features "danger zones", where the ground on the outer edges of the arena explode when anyone lands on them (dealing heayv damage while potentially launching them helplessly in the air for additional combo potential).

    It later received ports to two consoles at the time: the Sega Saturn in 1997 and the Sony PlayStation in 1998. The PS1 version was used as the base for a Japanese-exclusive arcade re-release (known as Dead or Alive++), while the Saturn version was used as the base for an enhanced Xbox port (included in Dead or Alive Ultimate).

    Ports & Updates

    The game was first ported to the Sega Saturn (as a Japanese exclusive) on October 9, 1997, adding new bonus game modes, gameplay options, and character costumes, along with the ability to unlock the final boss as a playable character. This version was later ported to the Xbox (as Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate), bundled with an enhanced port of Dead or Alive 2 in October 26, 2004 as Dead or Alive Ultimate. The Ultimate port featured online multiplayer functionality via Xbox Live.

    The game also received an enhanced port for the Sony PlayStation in Japan (on March 12, 1998), North America (on March 31, 1998), and Europe (by SCEE on July 1, 1998). Along with two new playable characters (one of which is hidden), this port features additional costumes, a reworked soundtrack, and modified arenas (which are now endless, similar to Tekken, but with the "danger zones" system intact). It was later digitally re-released via the PlayStation Network (as a PSone Classics title) exclusively in Japan on December 10, 2008.

    The PS1 version was ported back to arcade hardware (using PS1-based Tecmo Play System hardware) in Japan on October 16, 1998. Re-titled to Dead or Alive++, this version features several gameplay changes (including a more complex Hold system, the ability to move the fighter before the round starts, and a new "Team Battle" mode).


    One of the game's flyers, showing all eight original fighters.
    One of the game's flyers, showing all eight original fighters.

    The original game included eight playable characters and one unplayable final boss. Some later versions added a new fighter (the pro wrestler Bass) and hidden opponent (the mysterious ninja Ayane) while making the boss playable.

    In the home versions, each fighter has hidden costumes that can be unlocked, one costume at a time, by completing the game with that fighter. Some costumes only unlockable on the default settings, and the female characters greatly outnumber in alternate costumes (usually with cosplay outfits).


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    A Japanese kunoichi of the ninja clan Mugen Tenshin and the series's main protagonist. Fighting with her clan's brand of ninjutsu, she leaves her village in search for the man who crippled her brother.

    NOTE: Her default outfit changes between the original/Saturn and the updated/PS1 versions, with her original outfit being white and her updated outfit being blue.


    Kasumi's Costumes
    Kasumi's Costumes
    • Shinobi Dress (Blue/White)
    • Shinobi Dress (White/Orange)
    • Ninja Outfit (Red/White)

    Added in home versions, unlockable:

    • Ninja Outfit (Black) - PS1 only.
    • Seifuku (Blue/White)
    • Seifuku (Red/White)
    • Seifuku (Black)
    • Bunny Costume
    • Baseball Outfit (White denim overalls)
    • Baseball Outfit (Blue denim overalls)
    • Gym Outfit (Red/White) - PS1 only.
    • Gym Outfit (Blue/White) - PS1 only.
    • School Swimsuit - PS1 only.
    • Angel Outfit - PS1 only.


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    A bodyguard of Chinese descent and practitioner of jeet kune do, entering the tournament to seek the thrill of the fight.


    Jann-Lee's Costumes
    Jann-Lee's Costumes
    • Martial Arts Outfit (Red)
    • Martial Arts Outfit (Blue, no shirt)
    • Casual Outfit (Black sweatshirt, beige cargo pants)

    Added in home versions:

    • Suit (White shirt, vest)
    • Suit (White suit, black shirt)


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    A Russian assassin who fights with commando sambo, infiltrating the tournament to assassinate the head of its committee.


    Bayman's Costumes
    Bayman's Costumes
    • Commando Outfit (Red/Black)
    • Commando Outfit (Green/Black)
    • Commando Outfit (Black, Blue Baret)

    Added in home versions:

    • Underwater Infiltration Outfit (Black)
    • Underwater Infiltration Outfit (Yellow)


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    A Chinese college student and a prodigy of taikyoku-ken, entering the tournament to defeat the man who rescued her (against her wishes) from thugs years prior.


    Lei-Feng's Costumes
    Lei-Feng's Costumes
    • Martial Arts Outfit (Green/White)
    • Martial Arts Outfit (White/Orange)
    • Leather Jumpsuit (Black)

    Added in home versions:

    • Leather Jumpsuit (Red/Black)
    • French Maid Outfit (Blue)
    • French Maid Outfit (Red)
    • Martial Arts Outfit (Blue)
    • Torn Jeans and Tank top
    • Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit (Blue) - PS1 only.
    • Cheongsam (Red) - PS1 only.
    • Cheongsam (Blue) - PS1 only.
    • Nurse Outfit (Pink) - PS1 only.
    • Nurse Outfit (White) - PS1 only.
    • Succubus Outfit - PS1 only.
    • Bikini (Red) - SAT only.
    • Bikini (Blue) - SAT only.


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    An American DJ who fights with his own off-beat brand of muay thai, entering the tournament to seek fame and fortune.


    Zack's Costumes
    Zack's Costumes
    • Casual Outfit (Red Tanktop)
    • Casual Outfit (Green Tanktop)
    • Casual Outfit (White Tanktop, Baret)

    Added in home versions:

    • Skintight Alien Outfit (White)
    • Skintight Alien Outfit (Yellow)


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    An elderly Chinese bookstore owner and shini-rokugo-ken master, entering the tournament to use the prize money to cure his sick granddaughter.


    Gen-Fu's Costumes
    Gen-Fu's Costumes
    • Changshan (Blue)
    • Changshan (White)
    • Changshan (Green)

    Added in home versions:

    • Hawaiian Shirt (Orange)
    • Hawaiian Shirt (Green)

    Ryu Hayabusa

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    A Japanese antique shop owner who is also the leader of the ninja clan Hayabusa.

    He is originally from the Ninja Gaiden series.


    Hayabusa's Costumes
    Hayabusa's Costumes
    • Ninja Outfit (Black)
    • Ninja Outfit (Red)
    • Ninja Outfit (White)

    Added in home versions:

    • Ninja Outfit (No mask, Blue/White)
    • Ninja Outfit (No mask, Red/White)


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    An American professional wrestler who enters the tournament as a way to become a film star.


    Tina's Costumes
    Tina's Costumes
    • Wrestling Outfit (Red/Black)
    • Wrestling Outfit (Blue)
    • Wrestling Outfit (Light Blue)

    Added in home versions:

    • Cowgirl Outfit (Pink shirt, red pants)
    • Cowgirl Outfit (White shirt, brown pants)
    • Catgirl Outfit (Black)
    • Catgirl Outfit (Red)
    • Amazonian Outfit (White) - PS1 only.
    • Amazonian Outfit (Leopard) - PS1 only.
    • Policewoman Outfit (Blue) - PS1 only.
    • Policewoman Outfit (Black) - PS1 only.
    • Stars and Stripes Swimsuit - PS1 only.
    • Bunny Suit (Black) - PS1 only.
    • Bunny Suit (Red) - PS1 only.


    No Caption Provided

    An American professional wrestler and the father of Tina, entering the tournament to support his daughter's wrestling ambitions.

    He was added in the PS1 and re-released arcade versions.


    Bass's Costumes
    Bass's Costumes
    • Wrestling Outfit (Black/Red)
    • Wrestling Outfit (Red/Blue)
    • Wrestling Outfit (Green/Black)


    • Wrestling Outfit (Black)
    • Wrestling Outfit (Blue/Teal)


    No Caption Provided

    A Japanese martial artist and the game's main antagonist, with his a fighting style that combines techniques from the eight playable fighters.

    The game's final boss, he is unplayable in the original arcade version, but is unlockable for play in all subsequent versions.


    Raidou's Costumes
    Raidou's Costumes
    • Distressed garb (White)
    • Distressed garb (Orange)


    • Distressed garb (Black)


    No Caption Provided

    A kunoichi of mysterious origin.

    She was originally introduced in the Saturn version as an unnamed, unplayable training partner before being added as a hidden opponent in the PS1 version (where she is unlockable for play by collecting all costumes). She was made playable from the start in the re-released arcade version.


    Ayane's Costumes
    Ayane's Costumes
    • Butterfly Dress (Navy)
    • Butterfly Dress (White)
    • Butterfly Dress (Pink)


    • School Uniform (Red blazer, yellow ribbon)
    • School Uniform (Blue, red ribbon)
    • School Uniform (Pink, black ribbon)
    • Transparent Ninja Outfit (Purple)
    • Transparent Ninja Outfit (Pink)
    • Transparent Ninja Outfit (Black)
    • Bikini (Blue)
    • Bikini (Green)
    • Bikini (Black)
    • VR Training Outfit (Black)
    • VR Training Outfit (White)


    Dead or Alive

    Dead or Alive
    Dead or Alive

    Released: November 21st, 1996

    Total length: 38:20

    1. Dead or Alive Overture
    2. Chopper's Final Moment (Appeal Part BGM)
    3. Show (Character Select BGM)
    4. No Money (Zack Stage BGM)
    5. Stage Clear
    6. The First of Taikyoku Blows Up (Lei-Fang Stage BMG)
    7. Blade of "RYU" (Ryu Hayabusa Stage BMG)
    8. Lone Fighter (Jann-Lee Stage BMG)
    9. Power is Beauty (Tina Stage BMG)
    10. Codename "Bayman" (Bayman Stage BMG)
    11. The Secret Fist of Legend (Gen-Fu Stage BGM)
    12. Time of Determination (Kasumi Stage BGM)
    13. Dead or Alive (Raidou Stage BGM)
    14. In Between Life and Death (Continue BGM)
    15. Show Must Go On! (Staff Roll BGM)
    16. Your Name Is... (Name Entry BGM)
    17. Zack
    18. Lei Fang
    19. Ryu Hayabusa
    20. Jann-Lee
    21. Tina
    22. Bayman
    23. Gen-Fu
    24. Kasumi
    25. Raidou
    26. System Voice
    27. S.E. Collection

    Dead or Alive for PlayStation

    Dead or Alive for PlayStation
    Dead or Alive for PlayStation

    Released: May 20th, 1998

    Total length: 58:25

    1. The New Century (Opening Movie)
    2. Showdown (Character Select)
    3. Gonna Make You Gasp (Zack)
    4. Stage Clear (Stage Clear)
    5. Blade of "RYU" ~Mr. Tom Mix~ (Hayabusa)
    6. Concentration (Lei Fang)
    7. Heated Heartbeat (Jann Lee)
    8. Fastbreak (Gen Fu)
    9. Power is Beauty ~more beautiful mix~ (Tina)
    10. Megadeath (Bayman)
    11. Superstar (Bass)
    12. Ketsui no toki ~pie-02 mix~ (Kasumi)
    13. AYA (Ayane)
    14. Dead or Alive (Raidou)
    15. Physical System (Training Mode)
    16. Result (Result Screen)
    17. Your Name is...(Name Entry)
    18. SAYONARA (Ending Movie)
    19. Zack
    20. Hayabusa
    21. Lei Fang
    22. Jann Lee
    23. Gen Fu
    24. Tina
    25. Bayman
    26. Bass
    27. Kasumi
    28. Ayane
    29. Raidou
    30. System Voice 1
    31. System Voice 2
    32. System Voice 3
    34. Galaxy Type-XXX
    35. Dead or Alive Overture ~Renewal Mix~
    36. The New Century ~Master Version~
    37. SAYONARA ~Master Version~

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