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    Dead Pool

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    First appearing in Mortal Kombat II, the Dead Pool features a stage fatality that involves uppercutting the victim off of the catwalk and into the pool of acid.

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    Mortal Kombat II 

    Following in the tradition of The Pit from Mortal Kombat, MK II featured multiple stages with built-in fatalities. The Dead Pool was a logical choice, but to fans confusion, was not originally included. Thankfully, in Revision 3.1, the ability to perform a stage fatality here was added. 
    As a welcomed surprise, players did not have to memorize their favorite character’s new stage fatality button combination this time around.
    The Dead Pool stage fatality is universally executed by holding Low Punch Low Kick, then uppercutting.  
    If the winner holds down on the joystick after pitching the loser into the pool, Dan Forden can be heard to say "Ah, muh."

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