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Dead Reefs is an adventure game developed by Streko-Graphics and published by The Adventure Company, which brought Syberia and its sequel to the masses.

The Plot

For hundreds of years it has been said, that the pirates of Dead Reefs were looting the ships that sailed by and killed their crew. One of the ships were carrying an old relic. It was stolen and retrieved by the ruler of the island, Baron DeSantra. After that the inhabitants of the island started to die by unnatural ways, the first was the Baron's wife, who was killed by his husband with his sword.
A detective, Amadeo Finvinerro, is sent out to investigate. You are this detective. Your adventure will guide you through ports, mansions, forests, cabins and more. Everything is not as it seems. With the help of the island dwellers and you're cleverness, Amadeo will find the culprit.


The gameplay consists of moving through the gameworld as Amadeo, gathering clues from various characters and solving mind crushing puzzles. When you move through the gameworld, you'll use you're keyboard. You can pick up various objects and store them in you're inventory for later use. The puzzles force you to write down a lot of things, eg. dialogue, text from books. Although they are hard, they're also quite logical and force you to use you're head a lot.
Sound in combination with the graphics are used to create beautiful and eerie atmosphere.

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