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Survive The Undead Movement in the town of Still Creek


Chuck Greene doesn't need to cover wars. He's tough enough to be in them.
Chuck Greene doesn't need to cover wars. He's tough enough to be in them.

 Before we uncover the truth in Dead Rising 2 on September 28, Capcom and Blue Castle games have given Xbox 360 users a chance to understand the motives of Chuck Greene, and why he eventually winds up in . When Chuck makes a simple stop for gas, he unfortunately gets his truck stolen, losing his personal items which includes the last of the Zombrex, a medication that must be administered every 12 hours to suppress the infection of those bitten like his daughter, or else the person will become just another walking dead. Chuck has half a day to find Zombrex, otherwise his little girl Katey will meet her premature end. 

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has about a 2 hour story arc that sets up some elements that will be more explored in the full sequel, but fans of the franchise like myself will be more than willing to jump back in after viewing the initial credits screen. As with the original Dead Rising, there are multiple endings to find, a few secrets sprinkled in, and a small taste of the weaponry we will use to take out the zombies in less than a month.

Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere!
Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere!

The gameplay formula of Dead Rising remains intact here, with a set of story cases to complete moves to learn, but with Case Zero and Dead Rising two, combo cards are being added to formula. These cards introduce a system that allows you to combine certain objects together for a more satisfying and rewarding kill, as well as offer more PP, prestige points used to level up Chuck Greene. You’ve no doubt seen the trailers with the Paddle-Saw, which is in Case Zero and extremely fun to use, but there are plenty of others that are just as great.

Leveling up still unlocks new skills to use, and with the max you can reach being 5 in Case Zero, you’re only given a small sample of what’s to come.   

For only 400 Microsoft Points ($5), you’ll be getting hours of zombie killing entertainment with a nice set up story to the main event this September, and a chance to prepare early since your stats can be transferred over, giving you a nice edge against the undead. Case Zero overall does a great job of introducing the characters and new elements coming to the full release of Dead Rising 2, and a nice way to make the wait a little bit more bearable.  

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