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It's like deja vu, but with a price tag. 0

Recycling is great for the environment. It's unfortunate, however, how close to the heart CAPCOM have followed through with this prospect. At this point in their lifespan, CAPCOM are well known--and criticised in some cases--for their liberty to often release at least one ulterior edition for their biggest releases. The results can vary from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other; sometimes these ''Super, Delux, Ultra, Special, Directors Cut, Dualshock'' editions come fitted with a welcome...

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A Solid, Fun Time That Falls Short of "Fantastic!" 0

Okay, a disclaimer before I begin- this review will likely have spoilers for Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case West. I'm not sure why you'd be reading a review on Off the Record if you didn't already know the plots of the last few games, but I'll throw this up here just in case.Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is extremely similar to Dead Rising 2, which launched a little over a year before this one. This game is meant only to be a fun distraction- a completely non-canon version of...

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One strange animal 1

OK let me preface this by saying that I am a Dead Rising fanboy. A major one. I am well aware of all the games flaws and issues and I couldn't care less. I enjoyed the first Dead Rising like no game before it. As a huge fan of Romero films and zombie fiction of all kinds, Dead Rising was the first game I felt truly captured the feeling of an oppressive "Zombie Event". And of course the parallels to Dawn of the Dead didn't hurt it either. The original Dawn is a timeless classic that has been a hi...

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A New (Photo) Opportunity for Frank West 0

Dead Rising 2 was a big success for Capcom. It introduced a new lead character in the awesome Chuck Greene, who was motivated to survive in order to keep his infected daughter Katie alive. Adding to the time-restraints, survivors and psychopaths, you also had to worry about getting Katie Zombrex, the official infection suppressor which only works for 24 hours at a time. It was fun, but many wondered why they chose to leave Frank West out. Although we got more of Frank in Case West, people felt i...

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