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Dead Rising 2

Okay. So Dead Rising 2. You play Chuck Greene - former motocross superstar, now just dude doing what he can to keep his Zombrex supply up in order to stop his daughter Katey from turning.

He goes to Fortune City to win some money on a game show and then suddenly ZOMBIE OUTBREAK. You get framed for this, so you got to find out what's up.

This involves killing Zombies and junk.

Killing Zombies is where the game shines, really.
Theres a hell of a lot of weapons even ignoring the combo weapon system.
But if you deprive yourself of the combo weapon system, you deprive yourself of FUN. A chainsaw is good. Chainsaws strapped to a paddle is better.

There is a decent amount of combinations to be discovered through play but as awesome as some of these weapons are they often aren't practical to make. You have to go out of your way to find the parts for more exotic weaponry, so if you can't be arsed doing that chances are you'll be rolling with a spiked bats most of the time simply because they're the easiest thing to make.

Zombies aren't your only foe.
There are looters, which are easy enough to dispatch.
There are mercenary types with guns. Also easy enough if you can close the distance.
And of course psychopaths.
 The psychopaths are fun. In so far as I like the cutscenes they're in you see before and after the fights. The part where you actually have to fight them isn't so great though.
Straight up fighting them is generally a quick way to get killed. To win most of them I found I had to exploit their routines.
For instance one psycho is on a bike, if you stand in a certain spot you can force him to crash into a wall which will stun him long enough for you to get a few hits in before you run back to said spot. Rinse and repeat that and you have a pretty easy victory. Some of them you exploit like that. Some you actually can just wail on or dropkick and come out on top. In any event the fights themselves aren't that fun. I only really did them so I could see them.

So in between cases Katey needs her medicine, but it's actually not that big a deal.
Theres a few side missions that give them out or you can just exploit the cash you win in the games multiplayer for some easy money and then just flatout buy the Zombrex from the games Pawn Shop.

Yes your winnings from the games competitive multiplayer modes can be brought back into singleplayer for you to spend on Zombrex, prebuilt Combo Weapons and a couple of other neat bits and pieces. Though honestly money is the only real reason to play online, because the games themselves aren't that fun. I don't think Dead Rising's somewhat clunky control scheme really plays well in a competitive online setting.

So that's about all I've got to say.
If you liked the first Dead Rising this is pretty much more of the same.
It has the same time limit, same save system, same somewhat clunky controls.
If you loved it before, I wager you'll love it now. If you didn't then I don't think Drill Bucket is going to change your mind.

I personally had a ball with the game and while the story is wrapped up I look forward to booting up the game again just to kill some zombies for shits and giggles.

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