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In the words of Frank West... FANTASTIC! 0

A quick preface here. I'm a huge fan of Dead Rising and all it's sequels. So while I'll try to write this as objectively as I can, the simple truth is I am going to be gushing a bit here. For better or worse. So before you read any farther I want you to know what you're in for.-Paul***********************************************************************************Dead Rising 3 hits all the right notes as it takes yet another new protagonist on a fun journey through some almost whimsical silline...

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If you're after something to play on your shiny new Xbone I don't think you can do better than Dead Rising 3. 0

The RadImpressive amount of zombies.Tonnes of weapons and vehicles to maim said zombies with.Maintains series penchant for ridiculousness.The BadIt’s a bit too easy.That being said human enemies still take too long to kill.When it was revealed there was a fair amount of outcry over how grim and serious a tone the series was presenting but I can assure you this is still the same ol’ Dead Rising you know and (maybe) love.You still have your servbot heads and other assorted ridiculous c...

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Home fun, boring ... 0

A **** of zombies on screen is fantastic, something that was quite limited in the past generation, since that is virtually without limits. Dead Rising 3 is an immersion in a real zombie apocalypse, the fact that the game on first impressions manages to surprise and comes to be quite fun, but it is something that does not last so long, and after a few hours played starts to get boring. One of Dead Rising problems is the plot, which is more or less clear and very poorly done and problematic, not ...

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