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#1 Posted by Manchild1318 (63 posts) -

Is anyone out there can't seen to save?  the esc button seen to stop working for the most part too.

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#2 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) -
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#3 Posted by culvey (2 posts) -

Hi... Sorry you're having this problem.  s7evn is right, there are tons of people with this problem, including ME!  I was annoyed but found the solution to the save bug in Dead Space 2 (which is also tied to the escape key bug)... and I uploaded a short YouTube video on how to fix it (it's pretty basic & easy!).  Here's the video:   

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#4 Posted by Appuh (47 posts) -

 Wouldn't really call that a solution to the problem. More of a temporary work around.

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#5 Posted by Manchild1318 (63 posts) -

thats not really a fix, cuz when you play an hour then can't save you still lose that hour you just played

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