What are your 4 weapons?

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#1 Posted by sixghost (1716 posts) -

Even though I feel like a stick in the mud, I've stuck to something similar to my DS1 arsenal
Plasma Cutter for just about everything that wasn't the 3 tentacled thing, a pack, or those flood looking things that spawn from the pregnants.
Line Gun - I really don't know if I need to keep this thing around, I used it in the original because it was literally the only weapon I knew of that could deal with the babies(I don't know if that's the name, but the 3 pronged necros that spit at you) without wasting tons of ammo. So far it's been a pretty shitty choice, as I've seen maybe 4 of those things in 7 chapters. It's actually not terrible against the slashers/pukers/spitters, it's just really slow to aim and fire, so it's kind of a bad choice to be walking around with it as your primary weapon.
Pulse Rifle - This sort of served as my last resort weapon in DS1, mostly because I never really sunk too many nodes, but it's pretty awesome in DS2. Been using it vs the pack, the flood, as my primary when I run low on plasma cutter.
Cutter - I never really used a 4th weapon in DS1, but holy shit is this thing amazing. Absolutely  my go-to when shit just gets insane.
I'm kind of curious since playing on Survivalist doesn't really leave you with much room to experiment with all the weapons.

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#2 Posted by bkbroiler (1731 posts) -

I played the majority of the game on normal with the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle.  I tried a few various weapons (the shotgun thing and the contact gun) but ending up selling them.  I also had a line gun for about the last third. 
If I have one complaint about Dead Space, it's that the weapon choices aren't too good, at least from what I can tell. 

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#3 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

I have one... The Line Gun.

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#4 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -
@TomA said:
" I have one... The Line Gun. "
Once you fully upgrade the alt-fire, it might as-well be a nuke.
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#5 Posted by JoyfullOFrockets (1206 posts) -
@TomA said:
" @TomA said:
" I have one... The Line Gun. "
Once you fully upgrade the alt-fire, it might as-well be a nuke. "
I think you've been playing too much Dead Space.
Anyway, I varied my arsenal throughout the entire game, whenever there was a new weapon schematic, I tried to minimize buying medkits and ammo so that I could afford new weapons. I pretty much used all the weapons, and enjoyed them equally. My favorite being the good old Plasma Cutter.
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#6 Edited by Edwardryu (445 posts) -

last time when I finished third game, I had plasma cutter (max upgrade), pulse rifle (max upgrade), zealot force gun (70% upgrade), seeker rifle (60% upgrade). especially, zealot force gun really kicks 90% necromorphs by one shot. sometime when I will play again, I will upgrade it for 100%. seek rifle is very useful. literally, one shot one kill (when you upgrade more than 30%). when you aim it, it actually zoom in so that you can easily point to necro for killing instantly. anyway,  I will attempt to upgrade all of weapons for full next time.   
PS) try force gun. I bet that you won't disappoint. it's very powerful weapon. see yourself.  but it doesn't work well for big necros like tripod, jellyfish thing (shoots red ball in space), guardian (throwing grenade is instant kill).  

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#7 Posted by ClaritySam (645 posts) -

I tend to roll with Force Gun, Ripper and Line Gun.  I try and get any as many kills as possible by using kinesis to spear Necromorphs to things, that never gets old!

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#8 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Plasma Cutter. 
Line Gun. 
All you need.

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#9 Posted by Pop (2708 posts) -

I had plasma cutter, pulse rifle, line gun and contact beam. I mostly used the pulse rifle and plasma cutter, I almost never used the line gun except to use it's alt against the little things that crawl on you I would use stasis then plant one of those mines and boom, I probably should of changed the line gun for the detonator cause of those stalkers man those were annoying, I also tried the seeker rifle but didn't think it was pretty good, the contact beam is amazing one shot straight to the body of a normal necromorph and it explodes so satisfying every time also with upgrades it's the strongest weapon in my opinion. I was hoping to see that sword thing from the first animation movie that thing looked cool.

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#10 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Plasma cutter, force gun and line gun for tripods.

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#11 Posted by GTFan712 (166 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Line Gun, and Javelin Gun. Used those through my first playthough, using all the other guns here in my second.

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#12 Posted by emem (2059 posts) -

I only used the Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle on my first playthrough.

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#13 Posted by DougQuaid (1273 posts) -

-Plasma Cutter 
-Line Gun 
-Pulse Rifle 
-Contact Beam or Seeker Rifle

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#14 Posted by Moridin (734 posts) -

I'm on round two on normal (playing through to nab some missed achievements and upgrade a bunch of stuff for zealot) - and I've been running with the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Detonator. 
Serioiusly. If you have not played with the Detonator - give it a try. It's friggin' awesome, or at least when it's fully upgraded.

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#15 Posted by neoj88 (27 posts) -
@sixghost:  Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Line gun, and Javelin.  I'm also starting to take a liking to the flamethrower.
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#16 Posted by Sarkhan (1249 posts) -

Pew pew(foamgun) , Line gun. force gun and ofc  plasma cutter.
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#17 Posted by Zaft (126 posts) -

Zealot mode I switched around to get achievements.
Hardcore mode I only used the Plasma Cutter.

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#18 Posted by MiniPato (2820 posts) -

For hardcore mode I rolled with contact beam, plasma cutter, seeker rifle and force gun. Contact and force to give me some breathing room, the other two for precision killing.

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#19 Posted by Sargus (776 posts) -

I went through the whole game with nothing but the Plasma Cutter and Line Gun. I'll pick up the others on my second playthrough purely for achievements.

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#20 Posted by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

Fuck the line gun and the contact beam and the seeker rifle.
Javelin Gun is the bees knees.
This baby when fully upgraded does 100 damamge thats the same as the Contact Beam but is much more manuverable and fires/reloads faster.
It one shots all standart necromorphs to the body, (nailing them to a wall is a bonus)
Elite necros need a second shot or simply alt fire to make your stake electrocute and explode.
Explosion of alt fire has the bonus of killing all nearby necromorphs too. There is nothing quite like taking out 2 elite necromorphs with one shot and a secondary folow up.
The ammo for Javelin Gun is DIRT CHEAP - 400 per 2 shots (360 with suit) 
This is an incredibly cost efficient weapon.
I literaly just ran through the last chapter non stop taking out dudes left and right never bothering to even stop, just reloading on the fly.

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#21 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2730 posts) -

plasma cutter and javelin gun, all you need. 
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#22 Posted by Euryb (151 posts) -

plasma cutter, line gun, pulse rifle, force gun

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#23 Posted by Bane (707 posts) -

I used the Plasma Cutter and that's it, never even bought any of the others. I thought there might be another One Gun achievement, but no. If/when I play it again I'll check out the rest of them.

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#24 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1057 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, Plasma Cutter (the one you get for playing the first game), Ripper, Line Gun. That got me though on zealot without much trouble. 

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#25 Edited by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

First playthrough had me rockin' the Pulse Rifle as standard, unremarkable but still reliable main weapon. There's the Contact Beam that helped greatly for those infuriating dinosaur like necromorphs that charge at you, as well its alt fire was fantastic for crowd control. Specially since Isaac becomes invincible soon as he begins the animation for it, as well. 
I had me the Ripper for general crowd control and getting through corners, and finally the Line Gun for when all fails and need to kill these bastards quick.  

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#26 Posted by Kyreo (4682 posts) -

My absolute favorite is The Ripper.  Nothing can withstand the might of The Ripper.

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#27 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Javelin Gun, and Flamethrower. Probably going to replace the flamethrower once I get the schematic for the Force Gun. 

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#28 Edited by xyzygy (10595 posts) -
Plasma Cutter - obviously, an awesome weapon. 
Seeker Rifle - My favorite in the game. When zoomed in you do a shot ton more damage. I'm talking like 50 more points of damage when the gun isn't upgraded. It gets really ridiculous when it's fully upgraded. 
Force Gun - It gets rid of the very tiny little things that jump on you and come from the fat Necros, and the running children with regular fire, and the alt fire is an awesome charge shot that's slow but extremely powerful and goes through enemies. 
Contact Beam - Awesome for Brutes and any larger enemies you need to kill fast. 
So with my load out I can easily pick off enemies far away with the Seeker Rifle's scope and when they get too close for the SR to be maneuverable, whip out the force gun. A really awesome strategy :P
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#29 Posted by weegieanawrench (1965 posts) -

Plasma Cutter - Fully upgraded this gun alone could probably see you through the entire game. 
Pulse Rifle - A good all around assault rifle with a good AOE grenade launcher for crowd control. 
Contact Beam - Currently my favourite weapon. I highly recommend that you fully upgrade this to get the stasis mod, it kills any necromorph that stands next to you and knocks others down as well as putting them in stasis. This gives you enough time to fire a contact beam round into them. Awesome for crowd control. 
That's all I used for my first two playthroughs. On my third playthrough (hardcore), I will probably only use the plasma cutter and line gun so I can devote power nodes to my RIG. 

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#30 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1160 posts) -

Zealot Force Gun- This thing tears everything apart 
Contact Beam 
Refurbished Plasma Cutter 
Line Gun

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#31 Posted by DirtyData (83 posts) -
@Bane said:
" I used the Plasma Cutter and that's it, never even bought any of the others. I thought there might be another One Gun achievement, but no. If/when I play it again I'll check out the rest of them. "
I did the exact same thing.   I only used the Plasma Cutter while playing on normal.  I had no idea what I'm going to buy on future plays.
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#32 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

I only used the plasma cutter.

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#33 Posted by SSully (5279 posts) -

I used the Plasma Cutter, The Javalin, Contact Beam, and Seeker Rifle.  
I used the line gun a lot in the first few chapters, but switched it out for the seeker Rifle because I used it so much in the first game. I tried to use the force gun for awhile, since i like it in the first game, but i just couldnt find a good use for it.  
I am already looking forward to playing it again to try out different guns, i think its time i gave the pulse rifle a chance, i never gave it the time of day in the first or second game. 

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#34 Posted by delta_ass (3807 posts) -

Pulse Rifle and Force Gun. The Force Gun is great for all close combat encounters, while the Pulse rifle takes care of medium and long range.

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#35 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (753 posts) -

plasma cutter. that is all. 

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#36 Posted by superpope (131 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle and Force Gun all max upgrades and I've been switching out the fourth to find my favorite sniper... the Seeker rifle and Contact Beam are both fun and I think im going to bring back the old Javelin next.

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#37 Posted by MiniPato (2820 posts) -

Hand Cannon now that I've unlocked it. Best gun ever.

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#38 Posted by zidd (1931 posts) -

plasma cutter, blank, blank and blank

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#39 Posted by Akeldama (4359 posts) -

Plasma cutter. There are more guns?

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#40 Posted by bybeach (5670 posts) -

I'm liking the 4 the OP uses. I just tried to talk myself into dumping the pulse, but I can't do it, and I want to experience it's gernade function more. The cutter rocks. The line gun is  both powerful and wide area, and the plasma cutter is a good primary weapon. In DS 1 the pulse was almost required for the big worm things, here not so much, though I have only fought simular but not same critters here. 
In DS 1 ,I used that big gun in the end. It worked well, but that was the appropiatte time for it. 
It's hard to be imaginative beyond this set-up, but I do want to try. I can always sell them back...

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#41 Posted by MildMolasses (3200 posts) -

I didn't have four guns on my first playthrough. I used the plasma and line guns up until I found the flamethrower, which I only used to get the achievement. The line gun is awesome, so everything thing else seemed unnecessary. I focused on upgrading the basics instead
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#42 Posted by Spoonman671 (5765 posts) -

Plasma Cutter- Good, basic weapon that can be used in almost any encounter. 

Force Gun- Pretty much the best weapon in the game.  Want to simultaneously blow off all the limbs of an approaching necromorph?  Use your force gun.  Is your health low and you don't want to let that slasher get too close?  Use the secondary fire for what is essentially a mini-contact beam.  It's a fantastic panic weapon!  If I'm backed into a corner I just unload my force gun and my necromorph problem is gone.  Hate those pain-in-the-ass mini-necromorphs that come in groups and are difficult to take out with your plasma cutter?  One shot from your force gun from medium distance and they disappear real quick!  Seriously people, you need to be using this gun.  And if you call within the next 20 minutes, I'll throw in an extra ten rounds of force energy at absolutely no cost to you!
Contact Beam- If you're facing an enemy with a lot of health, the contact beam is one of your best choices.  Use stasis on a brute and you can cut his arm off in one shot.  The secondary fire is great when you're surrounded and need a bit of breathing room.   Once stasis is added to the secondary fire, the gun can be a life-saver.
I really only use these three guns, but I'll give an honorable mention to the Detonator.  Nothing is better for dealing with stalkers, as long as you know they're coming ahead of time.  Before they appear, just lay a ton of mines down and the stalkers will run into them and kill themselves for you.

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#43 Edited by Arkanti (264 posts) -

I went with the Plasma Cutter and Line Gun until I reached the bit in the Church where the Pulse Rifle unlocks, then I sold the Plasma Cutter. I pretty much just used those, though for a while in the midgame I had the flamer I decided it was pretty crap fairly quickly and sold it back off again.
I played on Zealot, but I have to admit that M+KB make it a lot easier.
Edit: Oh and if I go for a new game+ I'm definitely using the Javellin gun, I was wary of it being kind of crap but damn does the ammo for it look cheap. I'll probably stick with the plasma cutter as well because I really did miss being able to switch the angle of my blasts.
Also, did anyone really shoot the swarming children necros? I would shoot the first one, and then use its corpse to kill another etc. They were like paper.

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#44 Posted by shamroll (159 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, pulse rifle, ripper, and flame thrower : It was the exact same setup I had for the first Dead Space and it served me well.  Except the flame thrower, it stinks for killing anything bigger than those swarms but it looks cool doing it.

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#45 Posted by Faint (837 posts) -

The old style line gun and the machine gun thingo as a backup are all you need.

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#46 Posted by blake_brown (164 posts) -

I've only got 2: the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle.  Easier to manage with upgrades and ammo.  I did the same for DS1. 
When I've beaten all the modes, as I just did Hardcore Mode tonight, it's fun to mess around with the others.  The fully upgraded Javeline Gun is very enjoyable and satisfying.

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#47 Posted by DXmagma (341 posts) -

Handcannon's all you need.

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#48 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2727 posts) -
@LordXavierBritish said:
" Plasma Cutter.  Line Gun.  All you need. "
Only used these two in DS1 and that's carried over to DS2.  I probably should branch out a bit tho, I'm sure the other weapons are nice too.
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#49 Posted by StLucifer (101 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Contact Beam and whatever else

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#50 Posted by SquadBroken (332 posts) -

The ripper is all you need.  It slices, it dices, it grinds up anything and everything.  Easily the best weapon in this game and the last.
I keep the pulse rifle handy just for things that explode when you kill them.

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