What do you want to see in a Dead Space 3? *Dead Space 2 spoilers

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#1 Posted by JeanLuc (3882 posts) -

We all know Dead Space 3 is going to happen, So what would you Dead Space fans like to see?  
 For me, I would like...

  • I want Isaac to be back. At this point the series is just as much about him as it is about the Marker and all the other craziness.
  • I'm also hoping Ellie is back as well. I don't mean as an AI companion but similar to her role in DS2. (Although I wonder if the whole AI companion thing in the DLC is Visceral testing how well that works.)
  • More awesome suits. Dead Space 2 has a bunch of cool suits to find and try out. They should continue this.
  • Balance the weapons better. A problem I had in both Dead Space games was that some weapons, while cool, were less effective then others and I ended up not caring for them. Try balancing the weapons is a way that encourage you to try new ones.
  • Give a little more explanation into the earthgov's motives. Overall I thought the story in Dead Space 2 was great but I was left a little confused as to why people keep building these god damn markers! At this point its rather obvious they equal bad shit so why keep making them?
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#2 Posted by jakob187 (22938 posts) -

I want to see: 

  • More Dead Space
It seemed to work the second time around. 
As for the confusion as to why people keep building the markers, that is answered in the expanded universe.  Funny enough, I'll be doing a blog about the significance of the Markers and the USG Ishimura in my series "Digging Into Dead Space" this week.  = D
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Dead Space people are so damn weird, why do they need the stupid things, clearly the markers can't be controlled, and clearly they aren't really useful for anything but having your space house torn to pieces. And since it seemingly only kills idiots, then I don't know that it will really solve any societal ills.  
Maybe I should have spolier tagged that, didn't really give anything away I guess. And Ellie needs to get some bad ass Illusive man eyes.

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I want the story to make sense. Dead Space is kind of falling into the same trap that Assassin's Creed is in right now. Tons of awesome stuff is happening but they never explain any of it. And I mean actually explained in game. I don't want to have to deal with expanded universe crap like novels, and movies and stuff.
And more unlockable stuff. Dead Space 2 has a nice amount but I love unlockable stuff.

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#5 Posted by WatanabeKazuma (1006 posts) -

The reason for the building of the markers being repeated is explained in the game, one of the audio logs late game explains how the scientist has realised that the idea and the merits of building a new marker had been something subliminally implanted into their minds by the original from the start. 

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#6 Edited by JeanLuc (3882 posts) -
@jakob187: Yeah I figured the "expanded universe" explained that. Still It seems important enough to explain in the actual games. Expanded universe's should be only for story stuff that is interesting but not required to understand the main plot. I'll be sure to check out that blog of yours thought so I can get all caught up.
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#7 Posted by Hopefire (12 posts) -

Like   WatanabeKazuma said, the reason for the construction of the Markers is explained in game. EarthGov thinks that they're trying to study is to determine how to stop it, Unitologists think that they're spreading the sacred and divine. In both cases, those are just justifications for the command that the Marker has given them to create more Markers.  
What I want:  
-More Isaac Clarke. I don't want to see any other protagonist in the core Dead Space games; I don't mind DLC or non-installment games featuring the other characters, but Dead Space is about Isaac to me.  
-A gosh-darn going places villain. For a final boss in the first Dead Space, we have the Hive Mind. That's fine, that's cool. For a final boss in Dead Space 2, we have the Marker-dominated subconscious of Isaac Clarke. Not that it wasn't an epic fight, but we're two games into the franchise without actually facing anyone of importance.  
-I'd like Ellie to survive. Anyhow who can survive a day in a Necromorph infested city while dragging a crazy person around and without an engineering rig deserves to live to a ripe old age.  
-More in the way of survivors. I'd absolutely love a sequence where Isaac helps people evacuate. or holds off a Necromorph rush to give a ship time to take off.  
-Live Unitologists. I'd like to help them get what they want. 

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#8 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

If Dead Space 2 hasn't got already in development, a horde mode would be rather noice. Maybe bring in a new protagonist as well. I'd love it to pan out like RE2, with two lead characters who go their separate paths but will still bump into each other along the way. Except this time their stories would be more connected, just their paths different, and maybe even their motives.

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#9 Edited by sameeeeam (2469 posts) -

I think I just want more Dead Space.  
A horde mode would a nice addition, though.

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#10 Posted by Pibo47 (3238 posts) -
@Mikemcn said:
" Dead Space people are so damn weird, why do they need the stupid things, clearly the markers can't be controlled, and clearly they aren't really useful for anything but having your space house torn to pieces. And since it seemingly only kills idiots, then I don't know that it will really solve any societal ills.   Maybe I should have spolier tagged that, didn't really give anything away I guess. And Ellie needs to get some bad ass Illusive man eyes. "
This basically sums up my general observations of dead space 2. I fucking love the game...but these are pretty good points lol.
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#11 Edited by Redharlow (57 posts) -

First off the game is fucking incredible. I am working on my 3rd play through right now. Honestly what I want to see? An additional suit that is modeled after Kurt Russell's outfit from The Thing. I just thought of it as I was torching a gang of children. How many games can you use that sentence with? Not too many.
OH and no more lame bullshit animated movie tie-ins. Completely unnecessary.

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#12 Posted by JTB123 (1232 posts) -

Survival mode is the main thing I want, as long as they don't change anything for the sake of it I'd be completely fine if that's all they added.

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#13 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

They should explain more of the story and not flip flop on it. The Marker in the first game wanted to be returned to its rightful place but the one in the second wanted to start convergence, why? Why would EarthGov need Issac and co to build a marker when they built the Aegis 7 one?  
And the reason for building the markers I thought was that they wanted to alter the Necomorph DNA which continually regenerates and apply it to humans to give eternal life. 
Also Ellie should get some kind of eye attachment preferably one that shots lasers.

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#14 Posted by MegaGoat (218 posts) -

It needs to have some space which is dead

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#15 Posted by NTM (9943 posts) -

Everyone saying that Dead Space needs to make more sense or explain more, need to go outside of just the game and read upon it from another source. Like the wikia. Anyways, as for the thread topic. I don't really know what I want out of the the third one, only because right now all I am and can do is speculate as to what will happen next. 

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#16 Edited by Juvarial (316 posts) -

Working suits in the god damn PC version. I personally am highly displeased that I bought the PC version of DS2 considering I've forgone points and DLC.  
On a second thought ill just buy it on 360 or whatever it comes out on. Myswell.

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#17 Posted by Dross (356 posts) -

Maybe kinda old school, but they should do the RE2 thing of having 2 separate campaigns, one with Isaac and one with Ellie with them interacting with each other at different points in the game.  And give Ellie a sweet eye patch like Snake Plisken.

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#18 Posted by RoboRobb (1093 posts) -

I want up on the D-Pad to make Isaac clark scream MAKE US WHOLE.  

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Don't you guys ever learn from movies? The government doesn't care about lives only research that could aid in taking lives or saving lives, no matter how many people die in the process. It's all about the ends justifying the means. why do you think we have so many goddamn zombie apocalypses?  I have a feeling we will be seeing more sinister puppet masters in DS3 given the post credits MGS style conversation.
-I'd like to see...EARTH! I want to see what a resource starved Earth looks like in the Dead Space universe. Sure there won't be any zero-g segments or anything like that, but still it would be interesting to see. I mean where else can they go? They went from a mining ship to a space colony on the moon. They have to go bigger! Maybe not the whole game takes place on Earth, but I can see it ending with a final level on Earth.
- More survivor interaction. I was expecting Isaac to be working with a group of five or six survivors and they would all be picked off one by one in your typical horror movie formula. But here you just interact with 2 survivors. I mean it's a space colony for god's sakes. But then again Isaac's motive isn't to escape, but to destroy the marker. Maybe we'll see more survivors in the DLC since you'll be playing as a Sprawl security guard.
-Like many others have said, Ellie's return. She's a tough girl who arguably went through as much, if not more, shit as Isaac. I mean she got her eye gouged out by a psychopath and still got back up to kick his ass!
-Horde mode. It was kind of a given so I'm surprised it wasn't in DS2.
-More cool unlockables and unique suits. I like all the suits they added in the game, but I'd like to see more. Since most of the ones you unlock after beating the game, including hardcore, are just reskinned security suits. Though the riot and arctic skins are pretty badass.
-Isaac and the Extraction cast must cross paths. Kinda disappointed he didn't run into Lexine or Weller on the Sprawl. Especially Lexine since she can apparently suppress Marker influence and hallucinations. Would have helped with Isaac's dementia.

-Give the automated store the RE4 merchant voice.

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#20 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

I want the third one to keep its difficulty in check and not make chapter 9 extremely hard then chapter 10 a breeze

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#21 Edited by hencook (224 posts) -

-No more easy ammo drops that give just the right ammo you need for the only gun you've equipped. Necromorphs should drop whatever ammo they feel like dropping, FORCING you to use all the weapons, and forcing you to run back to the safe to store ammo for guns you can't even afford to buy yet (or sell them). 

- Ellie Space. Isaac's original girlfriend is...ugly. Ellie's got it goin on. Face it, all you guys that want Isaac back clearly just want to play Bald Headed Space Marines for the rest of your lives!!!
- Ellie should have more powers like Stasis and Telekineses, and Security Bot and Incinerate and Electrobolt, and there should be necrodaddies.
- That one Stross guy should turn into a necromorph yet be able to control his power, thus making an excellent co-op partner.
- For 3, instead of going through a preschool, we should go through a hospital with a bunch of aborted fetuses instead!!
- Where is my Aliens/Ripley style exo-skeleton lifter?
- Aliens Versus Necromorphs- Whoever wins... We lose.

-They should stop making Dead Space animations with such pukey 5 minute scribble art. We need Dead Space Anime. Hey! Halo dun it!

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#22 Posted by Kyreo (4682 posts) -

The continuing adventures of Isaac and Ellie.  That's all I want.

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#23 Posted by TeenageJesusSuperstar (278 posts) -

Yeah I can totally see them getting their co-op on with Ellie à la RE5

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#24 Edited by Gabriel (4136 posts) -
@TeenageJesusSuperstar said:

" Yeah I can totally see them getting their co-op on with Ellie à la RE5 "

You want RE5 in Dead Space 2?
No thanks.
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#25 Posted by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

I want romancing options.  I've got my eye on Sweet Cheeks.

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#26 Posted by Redbullet685 (6455 posts) -

Co-op would be amazing

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#27 Edited by blake_brown (164 posts) -

- More Isaac.  I really enjoy him as a protagonist, and I'd like to see where they go with him now that the dementia / Nicole subplot is resolved. 
- I'd like to see a lady, maybe Ellie, in an awesome RIG like one of Isaac's.  The designs they'd come up with for lady RIG's would likely be badass. 
- More Zero-G fights.  Certain enemies that only attack in Zero-G.  Those red tracking barbs in DS2 were not that exciting to fight, or avoid as the case may be.
- Cool new environments to explore.  Where could they go?  Earth? 
- It's a given, but more information on the Markers, the original creators of the Markers, ect.  My money is on the Black Marker making an appearance, which would almost certainly take at least part of the game back to Earth.
- Ditch the competitive multiplayer in lieu of a 2-player co-op adventure, separate of course from the main game.  This could be very fun, very scary.  Just as intense as the single player, even more so in certain ways.  Using the human-controlled player's fallibility to the game's advantage.  I can see situations where they put one player's life in the hands of the other.  One player has to get a door open quickly or the other will die, those types of scenarios.  There should be plenty of instances where they separate the two. Also a Horde mode for 4-player arcade action.  On a side-note, I respect how they manage to make even the maps in the current multiplayer tie in to the canon of the game.  For example, one of the maps has you activating the beam that destroys the track Isaac and crew are taking to GovSec.  It's a cool touch, especially since they don't have to do it. 
- More than anything I hope they just keep up the high level of quality, and keep up the good work.  Good single-player focused games are hard to come by these days for us console gamers.

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#28 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -
  • A new protagonist, preferrably a silent one.
  • Less of those ridicoulus church environments.
  • No co-op.
  • Be more like the first in terms of environments and atmosphere.
  • Better story.
  • Better characters.
  • More persistent corpses.
  • Less jump scares.
  • Other stuff.
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#29 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

I also want more Isaac as iron man

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#30 Posted by Lazyaza (2485 posts) -

I'd like a little more actual scariness in a potential third iteration. They're great atmospheric shooters, but hardly horror games and it bugs me since theirs such high potential for dead space to actually be scary.

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#31 Posted by lazyartist (62 posts) -

more sexy necromorphs. but this time with two heads and three boobs. yeeaa.. that would tickle my noodle.

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#32 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

I love both Dead Space games but I don't need another one. I would say I want to see something else from them but it didn't work so well with Dante's Inferno. 
Hell, maybe that Jack the Ripper game will be good 0.0

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#33 Posted by Edwardryu (445 posts) -

1. Issac continues to fight his dementia in DS 3 (he isn't cured yet at all even Nicole was totally gone now), and find one true answer. 
2. no more marker destruction. it is wasting time (we still have other 11 sites, so will you deal with all? NO). find the real solution. 
3. I hope that DS 3 would have some RPG elements with great story ( I know Visceral cares about the story. then RPG is important option). hybrid like mass effect 2?   
4. necros spawning should be more random, please, creating more terrifying necros we never forget.  
5. Ellie would be option for being next girlfriend, or life companion. 
6. I want to know more about the truth behind Earth government (it will be DS 3 whole story), then find real answer like I said NO.2.  

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#34 Posted by MeierTheRed (5394 posts) -

I'm happy with more of the same, Dead Space was awesome, Dead Space 2 was even more awesome. So if they keep the track record, i will be happy.

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#35 Posted by BeachThunder (14655 posts) -
  • Fewer enemies - for example, the start of Chapter 10 was incredibly creepy...right up until they started throwing heaps of enemies at you, that completely ruined the atmosphere.
  • Fewer jump scares - A similar point, but it bares mentioning, there are far too many (cheap) jump scares, a lot of the time I was completely unfazed by things like the monitor turning on, sprinklers turning on, the sun cut-out; and as a result it just seemed rather pathetic.
  • More boss battles - I don't exactly mean a boss after every chapter, but stuff like the Leviathan, which seemed lacking in DS2.
  • More challenging puzzles - I felt that a lot of the time, the games were willing to give you an obscene amount of hints.
  • Less artificial game lengthening - Yes, I know, a lot of people get up in arms by games becoming shorter. But I'd much rather play a great short game than a game with a lot of padding. The medical centre in Chapter 10, for example, seemed like padding (and perhaps, fanservice).
  • Fewer quick time events - QTEs are not necessarily bad, but there are certain parts, such as the part where you get shot by a javelin, that don't seem appropriate for QTEs.
  • Skippable cutscenes/death animations - There are some very long death animations, such as the impaling tripod death and the Nicole death at the end. I really don't want to watch a minutes worth of dying over and over before I can get back to playing the game.
  • Maybe show some of the actual aliens that built the original marker - I'm thinking something similar to Lovecraft's Yithian race. That would have the potential to be quite creepy.
  • More consistent chapter length - I found the second game very inconsistent, some levels seemed far too long (Chapter 10 really overstayed its welcome) and some were very short (Chapter 12)
  • A new game engine - I think a DS3 would be inappropriate if they continued to use the same flawed engine. The seem to be a lot of oddities that exist within the engine and by the time the next game is out it will be pretty old.
  • No game breaking DLC - This sort of stuff comes across as a weird form of cheating and can break the pacing of the game.
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#36 Posted by ChernobylCow (259 posts) -

a) No more Necromorphs, No more Marker.  The series has blown its load with this and honestly, despite strong gameplay.  Killing Necromorphs is the worst part of the franchise for me.  It's old, dead, and pretty dumb now. 
b) More Hard Sci-fi.  Give me more suits!  Make me fly through space.  Hell!  Some of those free fall sections were the most cinematic and amazing parts of the game. 
c) The game needs moments of respite, rest, and quiet.  DS2 is simply too intense at all times.  Where is my grocery shopping sequence like in 28 Days Later? 
d) Don't be scared to give us lasting NPCs with more interactivity.

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#37 Posted by JimmyRedd (62 posts) -
@wasteguru said:
  • Balance the weapons better. A problem I had in both Dead Space games was that some weapons, while cool, were less effective then others and I ended up not caring for them. Try balancing the weapons is a way that encourage you to try new ones
Hmm, that's interesting, I had the exact opinion.  With the exception of the flamethrower (and maybe linegun) in later stages, I thought DS2 had on of the most balanced weapon load outs I've seen.  However several of them don't shine until properly upgraded, the Javelin gun most notably.  Wich ones did you think were duds?
@jakob187 said:
  As for the confusion as to why people keep building the markers, that is answered in the expanded universe.  Funny enough, I'll be doing a blog about the significance of the Markers and the USG Ishimura in my series "Digging Into Dead Space" this week.  = D 
This is probably a misunderstanding on my part, but why didn't the Marker the Unitologist guy find on Earth turn people into necromorphs or at least drive them crazy.
What I'd like to see:
  • A melee weapon
  • Issac should go full on crazy, that could be a fun perspective to play from.
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#38 Posted by Ghost_Cat (2051 posts) -

Actually, I think it would be more refreshing if they actually slowed down the pacing or frequency of fights.  Also, I am getting tired of games filling in the story with journals and audio logs, so I propose the environments should do much more of the story telling.

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#39 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -
@wasteguru: My wishlist is pretty much the same as yours. Except for the last indent. I don't mind everything being such a secrecy and just knowing bits about things that obviously matter on a larger scale. Gives me the kind of feeling like Lost.
Other than that, if it will have improvements and new additions like Dead Space 2, I can't wish for anything else.
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#40 Posted by djames216 (489 posts) -

One of the things I found troubling with the story and more speficifically Isaac, is that he is quick to believe/follow anyone he comes across.  Daina - a woman he had never met before and offered no real reason for contacting him - he decides to follow her advice without knowing anything about her.  It just didn't sit right with me.  The other thing that made this worse is he then decides to listen to Stross - a man that is clearly mentally unhinged.  You just wouldn't listen to such a raving lunatic.  Anyway, with that said, I would like to see a story that isn't quite so dumb and doesn't  have characters make questionable choices.

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