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You can never get away from the Sprawl 1

Despite the fact that we've already seen DC Universe Online and LittleBigPlanet 2 (an MMO and lighthearted platformer), Dead Space 2 is really 2011's first big "hardcore" game, one with the story, gameplay, graphics and production values that will appeal to a large demographic. Last year's big releases kind of bummed me out so I wasn't really anticipating this as heavily as others were but the team's solid and they got some of the best third-person controls and atmosphere going for them so natur...

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Life on The Sprawl 1

The original Dead Space surprised gamers in 2008 by resurrecting and improving a nearly forgotten genre. This year, Dead Space 2 continues the story of lone engineer Isaac Clarke as he is once again plunged into the darkness and horror of an alien infection, the Necromorphs. The USG Ishimura was lost in the events following the first game, and Isaac now finds himself on Titan, one of Saturn's moons. The game takes place on a massive space station called "The Sprawl" which can almost be described...

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Isaac's not the only one who's had a lot of practise. 7

Awwww, you found me!Dead Space 2: Severed is a fitting name for the first single player DLC download for the smash hit, Dead Space 2, acting as only a small snippet of what fans have come to recognise with Dead Space. And when I say small, I mean it. (you know it's small when it's a small snippet.. snippets are already small enough as it is!) Severed is literally only about an hour long, and with a price tag of £5.49/7$, it's definitely not delivering within the value department.I am a man, not ...

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He has the voice, now he just needs the personality. 3

Dead Space 2 is broader, bolder and maybe even a little sexier (?!) at that, than its predecessor. It's now completely stripping most of its survival horror instincts for a much more action orientated experience and feel reminiscent as something resembling the Terminator 2 of a trilogy. And yes, there will definitely be a third Dead Space.  Trading off all the originals allure and mystery for incredibly large and loud set pieces was a great effort, though it still didn't quite match just how I f...

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Make us whole again 0

The original Dead Space remains one of the biggest surprise hits of this generation, and its high quality left me eager to jump back in for more via Dead Space 2. And even though it may take a few unfortunate missteps, Dead Space 2 is still a great shooter that stands toe to toe with the best out there, making it a no-brainer for fans of the genre.First and foremost, the majority of the original’s defining features make a triumphant return in Dead Space 2. The shooting here is second to none, of...

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In space, nobody can hear you having such a good time, again! 0

  Dead Space 2 Review   The original Dead Space was a surprise hit for most people. On the surface it seemed like a game that borrowed too many elements from other games and the dismemberment combat wasn’t sold very well. The game exceeded all expectations due to how well all the elements were combined. The controls were incredibly smooth and responsive and the core combat is just a ton of fun. It did suffer from a very repetitive structure but excelled in atmosphere and suspense. Two years late...

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Dead Space 2 Severed DLC Review: Short but fun ride 0

Severed is comprised of 2 chapters for a single player add on of Dead Space 2. You play as Gabe Weller of Dead Space Extraction fame, as you try to get to your wife on the sprawl. The dlc happens at the same time as Isacc's journey in the main game, and you will visit familiar areas. The level design and detail are as good as the main game, as you make your way from the mines to the medical ward. You start with a security suit, and you can buy any of the weapons in the game so you will be able t...

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"Sprawling" 1

So it's been two years and something like 3 months since the first Dead Space hit the scene, and with a generally well received birth it was a absolute wonder to me how Dead Space 2 just seemed to come out of left field in the grand scheme of things. Baseball phrasing aside however, it was a very welcomed surprise regardless or at least I hoped it would be, especially considering the quality of its predecessor and yet it doesn...

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A disturbing and satisfying romp. 2

Visceral games survival-horror space outing from 2008 was lauded by many for its creepy aspirations and how it culminated so many different elements that as a whole yielded an original result. Dead Space was a great game but the game sadly fell abit short on greatness thanks to repetetive environments and an uninteresting main protagonist. The sequel however does not squander in any of those ways, delivering and incredibly well-paced and thrilling adventure that is more fun, satisfying and featu...

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Dismemberment made easy. 0

The original Dead Space was soaked in frightening visuals, superb sound, and phenomenal gunplay. Dead Space 2 is pressure washed in those qualities. Issac Clarke's continued adventures take him to some absolutely stunning environments, and most of them are filled with the brutal combat that you expect from the series. The few of these beautiful vistas that don't involve you cutting limbs off of necromorphs quickly tend to escalate into absolutely crazy levels of action. You will fly through low ...

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Scary as hell! But a bit boring too. 0

 Dead Space 2 is the sequel to 2008's hit Dead Space. The game continues the story of unlucky engineer Isaac Clarke's terrifying encounters with the grotesque Necromorphs. Let's see what Visceral Games has done to this game in the last 2 years. The gameplay of Dead Space 2 is pretty simple. You go from point A to B and fight grotesque zombies called Necromorphs along the way. Instead of the traditional HUD, you can check your health and other things in the form of holograms. You also have...

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Great Mix of Horror and Action 0

The original Dead Space was one of the few games I rented, got halfway through the game, and went out and bought it. Why? I wanted to see this game succeed and make a sequel. After month of seeing trailers I finally got Dead Space 2 and not only does it stick to the same great formula that was in the previous Dead Space but makes it overall more enjoyable.  This game had one of the most intense action scenes I have seen in a game. You should know when you see it  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to ...

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You're Gonna Love It 0

Introduction  The original Dead Space was released back in 2008, and it set a new standard for the survival / horror genre. The original had so many things right, but it wasn't without its flaws. Now, it's 2011 and Dead Space 2 has been released. I'm happy to say that the bar and standard for the genre has been raised once again.  StoryThe story in Dead Space 2 picks up right after Dead Space: Ignition (The free pre order bonus), or three years after the events of the original game. Without givi...

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Dead Space 2 Review 0

Dead Space 2 puts you back in the shows of everyone's favorite engineer Isaac Clarke. You are discovered in what looks like a medical wing of sorts by someone who quickly meets his end. You'll have to race through a couple of areas but soon you will have a familiar suit and weapon to use. You'll find that your in a colony this time around and there seems to be plenty of people willing to help you, but to what end. Travel all over the city fighting all those creatures that you so grew to hate. Do...

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...stick a needle in my eye, Dead Space 2 is fantastic 0

The Dead Space series does something quite strange to me; it makes me ENJOY being startled, scared, and tense. Seriously, I can't stand scary movies at all, and I'd never want to watch another one for the rest of my life, but if you tell me there's another Dead Space game that will attempt to make me empty my bowels, I empty my bowels with delight.  So, Dead Space 2 is the sequel to the 2008 game which brought interest back to the survival-horror/action genre which Resident Evil 4 had done so we...

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Dead Space 2 expands on some areas but not all 0

Dead Space 2 feels like Visceral Games is very adamant about making a universe out of their survival horror series.  Dead Space 2 is interlinked with not only the original but the XBLA game and the DTV movies that have come out in the last two years.  The game is very much as spooky, tense and filled with awesome setpieces and sound design that made the original stand out.  The only real negatives I can think of is the dank spaceship from the original I found to be a more interesting location (s...

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Message to all Survival horror games: Dead Space 2 is the bar. 0

  Dead Space 2 is the action horror sequel to one of the most impressive games to come out this console generation. The original was unfortunately a mediocre success to an unbelievably packed fall in 2008.   The original was known for taking great gaming ideas, polishing them and then release them with a new paint job. Dead Space 2 actually manages to improve on every aspect of the original and adds some of the most tense and unnerving set pieces in recent memory.   Dead Space 2 take place 3 yea...

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Make us whole! Please, just make her SHUT UP! 0

That's right. I'm back, and in full force(Get it? Force...Gun?...force? Never mind).'Isaac are you there? Come in Isaac. Oh, god I'm so sorry, Isaac, look at, the time difference I can call you back...' The first few seconds of the real relationship that drives this man to Hell and back. Isaac Clarke is back after a three year hiatus, and all he can think of is his dead girlfriend Nicole. Commitment, people. That's commitment. As the savior of the last game, Isaac isn't afraid to get his hands d...

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Multiplayer aside, Dead Space 2 delivers the visceral goods 0

There was a point in Dead Space 2 where alarms were going off and lights were flashing an ominous orange. I dimly recalled a similar sequence from the original Dead Space, which meant I also recalled how it ended. Spinning left and right, dementedly trying to point my plasma cutter at every possible opening, in time-honoured fashion I got pumped for a showdown while playing a videogame. And then nothing. Nothing happened, noise subsided, dust settled and I realized that Visceral Games were f*cki...

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Dead Space 2 Single Player Review 0

Visceral Games came out of know where when they released Dead Space two years ago and a year ago with Dante's Inferno.   Dead Space came out in a time when EA was experimenting with new IP's.   Dead Space didn't sell quite like EA hoped but they knew they had to give Dead Space another chance.   Fast forward two years later Dead Space 2 is released and the marketing behind Dead Space 2 is more present, granted it is not the best idea but it get people talking even though your mom will hate this...

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Your Mom hates it. You'll love it. 0

 It’s hard to believe the original Dead Space came out in 2008. It feels like yesterday that we were introduced to Isaac Clarke and his mission to board the Ishiamura and find out what was going on there alongside a crew of others. Besides helping on the ship, Issac wanted to go for personal reasons since his love Nicole was on board before all hell broke loose. In his quest to find her, Issac discovered the Marker, a relic containing mysterious attributed and something draws the Necromorphs. Ab...

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Dead Space 2 Review: Welcome to the Sprawl 0

With Dead Space 3 on my mind having just finished it, I thought I would lay out my thoughts on its immediate predecessor: Dead Space 2. Dead Space was a new IP from EA and what would become Visceral Games, and it was one of the most enchanting and intense survival horror games I has played in years, probably since Resident Evil 4. As a result of my love of that first entry, my expectations were high for Dead Space 2 in 2011, and I was not disappointed. I was worried when EA were talking up the ...

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We're all gonna burn for what we did to you Isaac. 0

Being a big fan of the first Dead Space, I was very eager to play Dead Space 2 when it was announced. Finally getting my hands on it and playing it, I wasn't dissapointed in the least. The game picks up right after the events of the last game where Isaac is deemed "unstable" and is aboard a hospital ship. It isn't long before some SPOILERS happen and the place is infected with The Necromorphs. Isaac's very best friends are back, and they are angry. Visually the game is fantastic, the graphics th...

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More action oriented than the original, but still as good. 0

*Reviewer's note: this review only covers the single player campaign. You won't find any information about the multiplayer portion of the game here.Opening statementsIn 2008, Isaac Clarke, a space engineer from the 26 century, first survived the horrors aboard the U.S.G Ishimura in Dead Space, one of the best horror-action games in years. But now, three years later, the Necromorph threat has returned in Dead Space 2, this time on a large civilian space-station orbiting Saturn named The Sprawl. A...

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Dead Space 2 Video Review 0

    If you need a text review, let me know I may write one out....

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Dead Space 2 is Brilliant 0

Dead Space 2 is a lot like Bioshock and I am perfectly fine with that, actually I’m more than happy with the direction this franchise seems to be going in. Back when Dead Space 1 came out I was excited to play it, until about the time I began to play it. The game was competent enough, it looked great, sounded great, and moved really well. I just felt like something was missing. Maybe it was the fact that the rooms all looked alike or the story while interesting fell short. I felt like it never c...

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A great follow up to a great game. 0

A franchise lives and dies by it's core concept, and thankfully Dead Space 2 has stuck closely enough to honour it's predecessor but has made enough advances to make this a welcome new experience.First of all let me stress that I loved the first Dead Space game. I thought that although it didn't revolutionise the genre in the way Resident Evil 4 did, it was a well made game that hit all the right notes. (Read my previous review for my full opinion) So before I even I started playing the game I h...

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Messed Up, But in a Good Way 0

There’s been a lot of talk regarding whether or not Dead Space 2 is an action game or a horror game. People have said how there isn’t a sense of suspension or dread, and that most of the startles consist of jump-scares and intermittent loud noises—and those claims aren’t unfounded. You aren’t going to have that sense of dread you would normally experience while strolling through Silent Hill or New Jersey. What you will experience, is a gritty, disgusting, limb-dismembering ride that you’ll want ...

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Dead Space 2, and why it is amazing 0

So back when the original was released it wasnt all that hyped, which was good I had low expectations and was consequently blown away, it was chilling and a refreshing addon to the horror genre. I was really excited when Dead Space 2 was announced, being a huge fan of the first, but the problem for me is that (being a fan of the Resident Evil series) these games feel like them (RE). I dont know if its just me or not, but I think the base shooter mechanics are roughly the same save for the abilit...

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Dead Space 2 Manages To Scare Up Quite An Experience! 0

  I'll admit, two in a half years ago (or about that) I didn't really pick up the original Dead Space for several months.  The original game was a pretty decent sleeper hit.  However, EA and Visceral Games have managed to make Dead Space 2 as big of a jump as the difference between Mass Effect 1 and 2.  I honestly didn't expect a huge sequel from Visceral, because after all, Dead Space was a sleeper hit.  But apparently it did better then I thought it would.   Starting things off correctly, the ...

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Bigger, Better and Angstier! 1

Does Dead Space 2 live up to the technical and artistic achievements of the original? Hell yeah it does! If you wanted more Dead Space then you won't be disappointed in this new chapter in the story of engineer Isaac Clarke and his ongoing battle with those no good necromorphs and their ample limbs waiting to be dismembered. Dead Space 2 doesn't reinvent the wheel, but the scope is expanded and they add some small and meaningful improvements that make the sequel an even more exhilarating ride.  ...

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A By-the-Numbers, Disappointing Sequel to a Classic 0

Dead Space was a serious surprise hit back in 2008. Despite being more or less Resident Evil 4 in space, it really felt fresh due to its execution. There were some flaws, namely with pacing and some frustrating elements, but it was overall an incredible action experience.  Dead Space 2 follows incredibly closely in the first game's footsteps to a fault. It expands the story elements, giving protagonist Isaac Clark a voice and fleshing out the world a bit, and adding more characters and more at s...

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Psychosis Never Looked So Good 0

They may not be able to hear you scream in space, but I need to start this review by apologizing to my neighbors, because here on Earth I think most of my apartment complex heard my piercing wails of fright while playing Dead Space 2. And although not the longest single player campaign, my gameplay experience was spread across several more days than usual for me because I could only make any significant progress while the sun was up. Now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself and admitted how...

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Dead Space 2, an actual sequel to Dead Space 1, like, for real! 0

Believe the hype! Dead Space 2 is everything you could want and expect from a sequel. And then there's more! To date, this is the single scariest/goriest game I have ever played on a console. (Silent Hill, you used to be the victor but come on, it's 2011 and sometimes, you just gotta move on.) (I still say the original Dead Space is the scariest game I have ever played though, but since this is part of the same universe, it still counts!) What makes it scary though?How about: the music, the cree...

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Dead Space 2 surpasses the original in every way. 0

 AWESOME game. The first Dead Space was my 2008 GOTY and Dead Space 2 doesn't disappoint. I loved it so much that I had a mega marathon where I played from Chapter 5 to the end in one day. It's that damn good. The gameplay is much improved over the first game and everything seems faster. Isaac moves faster, aims faster and stomps faster. Isaac is less of a tank and feels more like a fighter which makes sense after the first game. Many of DS1's weapons return but most of them feature new alt fire...

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Great Follow Up 0

One of EA's biggest IP's in several years is back....but the founder of the studio that made it is not, opting to go make Call of Duty games for Activision (a move he will likely regret, based on history). Does this loss doom a promising franchise? As of now, Dead Space 2 does "survival horror" better than long-term dominator of the genre, Resident Evil, does. Dead Space, more than anything else, presents an incredibly creepy atmosphere. You know something really bad happened and is like...

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Dead Space 2 0

 Rawr. The first Dead Space holds the spot as my favorite survival horror game ever, and maybe my favorite horror anything. I remember being at home when I played it for over 8hrs straight, and for about 3 of those hours I was home alone in the dark. I was pretty freaked out at that time, always doing a check around the house during tense parts. Looking back on it now, almost 3yrs later, I laugh at that moment. With the arrival of Dead Space 2, I think it's very safe to say that...

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And the necromorphs still sound angry grog fuelled pirates... 0

 In space, as the saying goes, no one can hear you scream. This is not specifically true in regards to the original Dead Space of course. Placed in control of Isaac Clarke, the player would have unquestionably heard the engineer’s muffled screams of anguish as he was unwittingly bashed around by a particularly grotesque parasitic alien menace within the claustrophobic industrial confines of the USG Ishimura. First released around Halloween in 2008, Dead Space reinvigorated the survival h...

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Dead Space 2: Severed Review 0

Dead Space 2 is a fantastic game; it’s intense, fun, and has an intriguing story compelling you to continue progressing through the doomed Titan Space Station.  So, when Visceral blessed me with the ability to play some more single player Dead Space 2 goodness, I couldn’t refuse.Severed (which is now available for purchase on XBOX 360 for 560 MSP and on PS3 for $6.99) features two single player chapters about Dead Space: Extraction survivors Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdoch (who is now Lexine Well...

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Your Mom Should Love Dead Space 2 0

 Dead Space 2Visceral Games re-launches the Dead Space franchise as Isaac Clarke returns to battle the Necromorph scourge, but can the second outing top the frightening success of the first?The original Dead Space was somewhat of a surprise hit so the level of expectation for the sequel is undoubtedly high, and thankfully Visceral Games manages to deliver on almost all accounts. The story picks up three years after the conclusion of the first game and our old friends the Necromorphs are at it ag...

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Excellent Sequel 0

There really isn't much to say that hasn't been touched on already.  This game is great, it's received tons of excellent reviews and playing through it makes it very obvious why that is.  This game not only matches but surpasses the first Dead Space in every area.  It is longer, the controls are tweaked and a little bit tighter, the pacing is better and the story is even more gripping.  While I didn't have an immediate desire to play through Dead Space a second time once I had finished it I foun...

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The name of the game is tension 0

 Ive put about 7 hours into Dead Space 2 so far and I've loved every second of it.  Im glad they moved the game to a setting that allows a larger variety in level design.  The first game was really good but everything looked the same which is the reason I never beat it.  I never felt like I was going anywhere.  Like I said that isnt an issue in Dead Space 2.  There are plenty of areas to the game and all of them have their own unique look.  Some of the missions or chapters require you to travers...

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Welcome to the show. 0

The first Dead Space was an excellent game. It modernized and revitalized a slowly decaying genre and felt completely fresh despite it's obvious homages to other similar works. It was also a much more solitary experience and an overall "scarier" game. Was it better though? As a survival horror game; absolutely. Solely as a game on the otherhand, I am quite confident in saying that Dead Space 2 is a big step up from its predecessor.One of the strongest points of this sequel is how strong its star...

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Shoot dem' limbs! 0

We first met Isaac Clarke in 2008 and man has the guy had a rough couple of years.  He barely survived an outbreak of freakish monsters, insane cultists AND his girlfriend is dead.  Fast forward to 2011 we join Isaac again this time with Isaac waking up in a mental hospital inside a space colony “The Sprawl”After what could be described as one of the most intense opening scenes in recent memory you’re quickly thrust into another adventure with Isaac.  The controls are still tight as ever and Dea...

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