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Scary as hell! But a bit boring too.

 Dead Space 2 is the sequel to 2008's hit Dead Space. The game continues the story of unlucky engineer Isaac Clarke's terrifying encounters with the grotesque Necromorphs. Let's see what Visceral Games has done to this game in the last 2 years.

The gameplay of Dead Space 2 is pretty simple. You go from point A to B and fight grotesque zombies called Necromorphs along the way. Instead of the traditional HUD, you can check your health and other things in the form of holograms. You also have to solve some puzzles and fly around in zero gravity. I found certain parts of the game pretty boring, yet the atmosphere sucked me in and I found myself on the edge of my seat. I'm one of those softies who can't handle extreme intense atmosphere. That's why I had to pause a lot of times to get my head straight and man up. The first half of the game is pretty boring, but it became more intense in the second half. Strategic dismemberment is an extremely creative concept that can be considered for use in future games. Another concept I totally loved about this game is telekinesis. You can pick up almost anything and throw it at your enemies. I found myself throwing anything within reach to slow down the Necromorphs so that I could reload. The weapons also work well, especially the Plasma Rifle.

The story is pretty good. As soon as the game starts, you're introduced to those nasty necromorphs. I died in the first 5 minutes, because the moment I was given control over my player I started running amok and got sliced in half. I also liked the part about Isaac's mental health. He's slowly losing it and starts hallucinating about his mean, dead ex-girlfriend. The story loses some momentum in the middle, but picks it up toward the ending. There are some very big plot twists that will surely surprise you, but I would still like to know how Isaac survived the Necromorph Nicole's attack in the ending of Dead Space.

The graphics are very good. The character models look great and the environment is very creepy. The bloody writings on the wall, dimly-lit rooms, and the sprawling area of The Sprawl is nicely done.

The best thing about this game is the sound. It's because of the sound why I was so scared. I always screamed out loud ('cause I'm a big softie. :P) When a Necromorph suddenly burst through walls and vents. The sound effects such as the distant growls of other Necromorphs further intensified the already intense atmosphere. I wouldn't be surprised if Dead Space 2 wins Gamespot's award for Best Sound Design. The voice-acting is also great. Gunner Wright flawlessly delivers Isaac's lines.

Dead Space is a pretty good adventure. The story, graphics, and sound are strong points in the game, but it's the gameplay that ruins it. Boring puzzles and some bland shooting parts marred this great experience for me. This game has a lot of potential and I can say that I'm looking forward to Dead Space 3.

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