Co-op mission glitchy

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Has anyone else been having issues with the 3rd co-op mission? I have been having a hell of a time getting through it. We get to the third hallucination (basically right at the end, because the Storage box is there) and it goes on for a while, and my partner will die a few times and then quit. I've also had a couple times where I got connection interrupted but then it let me keep playing until I got to the storage box, but I couldn't open it because it was only one person.

I've been playing as Issac with random people. Is there anything I can do, or what? I'm really tired of trying to beat this level.

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Yeah, that mission is a fucking bastard. It's so much harder than anything else in the game! You have to destroy the marker btw, but it'll take forever, so you have to get into a routine of circling around the debris and laying some damage each time you pass it. It took me like 16 or so rockets to destroy it on hard mode, no joke.

Oh, but if your partner keeps dying then you simply need to hope that you'll get paired with better players. On their end they also have to defend themselves against a small horde of necromorphs, but eh, it really isn't that difficult since they only come once at time or something I think.

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