What's the point of New Game+?

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So I recently completed Dead Space 3 on coop, overall thoughts are it's OK. Heap load of issues left and right, and it's undoubtedly the worst Dead Space of the three but eh, it's still OK. I want to write up a user-review in any case, but I feel like I should actually put in some time with it from a single-player perspective at that. So considering that you can then just replay any chapter you wish with all of your gear, from any difficulty, that got me wondering just what exactly is the point of NG+? Does it unlock something extra? Because it doesn't say as such on the menu and its description reads pretty much what I can already do now, just currently with more freedom since I've already got all of the chapters unlocked as it is.

I suppose it's purely for those additional circuit upgrades you can find? I could just start a new game+ but I'm admittedly a little hesitant... I'd rather be completely sure of what could happen and furthermore if there's really any reason to anyway.

Also, extra question: For classic mode, I take it you can still only carry 2 weapons at a time?

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