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''F*** This Planet.'' - John Carver, 2013. 3

The times you get to explore in space make for some of the most memorable moments in Dead Space 3.The recurring comparisons between the Dead Space series and the Aliens franchise have fitted perfectly with one another. The original Dead Space, with its slow, plodding pacing packed within some incredible atmosphere, marred successfully with the original Alien movie. Dead Space 2 picked up things, including the pace, and expanded upon the variety and the amount of enemy encounters very much akin t...

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There's Life Here Yet 1

Dead Space 1 and 2 may be the two most beloved AAA horror games of the last decade, having brought us hours of sweaty-palmed interaction as we crept through derelict spaceships, desperately battling the horrifying husks of people we call Necromorphs. Dead Space 3 rounds out the trilogy by bringing back much of that manic sense of action from the first two games, but it also leans further towards being a conventional action game than any of the other entries in the series. The game revisits outer...

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Dead Space 3 Review: Turn It Off 0

Dead Space is among the bright lights of game series originating in this current generation for me, with its first entry providing a chilling and highly polished horror game while its sequel increased the action and maintained the personalised story. That said I was concerned about Dead Space 3 during its development. Increased focus on action, microtransactions, co-op campaigns and the supposed need to sell 5 million copies for “success” all indicated a damaging attitude from EA, and I was wor...

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Co-Op survival horror done well. 0

I’ve been a fan of Visceral since Dead Space first came out in 2008. Its combination of gritty atmospheric realism and absolutely glorious science fiction had me hooked, even if I couldn’t play too many hours in a day. (I’m something of a wuss.) As much as it had its faults I also am not afraid to admit I loved Dante’s Inferno in 2010. John Vickery’s portrayal of Satan gave me chills, and I loved the speed and power of the scythe combat. Not to mention it was the first hack and slash game to eve...

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A Different Kind of Dismemberment 0

Dead Space 3 received a lot of criticism, and rightly so, for being an entirely different experience from its predecessors. The twist, then, is the realization as you play that Dead Space 3 isn't trying to be anything like Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Is this the best way to handle a franchise? No, probably not, but taking the game by itself, Visceral Games have done a great job of crafting a new spin on the series that is entirely enjoyable just the way it is.Isaac Clarke's troubled past is abo...

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The worst in the series but worth playing for fans of the series 0

The Dead Space franchise is one of my favorite new franchises from this generation. The first game was a modern survival horror game done right, taking place in an interesting and well-realized space setting with some clever creature design and tight combat. The second game built upon everything that was great in the first game, creating a sequel that was actually better than the original. Dead Space 2 was a bit less about the horror and more about the action, but it suited the style of the gam...

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Combines the best of both the previous games with only minor casualties. 0

Dead Space 3 makes some significant changes from the last game in the series, if you’re coming into this expecting another ride like Dead Space 2 then I’m sorry to tell you that won’t be what you experience. Dead Space 3 attempts to blend the best of both the previous games into one and apart from a couple of instances; they have done an outstanding job at doing so.The main problem Dead Space 3 has is found in its story, it really falls victim to just giving you too much information about every ...

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Dead Space 3 0

There are still some great Dead Space moments to be had in this game, especially in the early going. The zero-gravity space sections especially have a great atmosphere about them. But these few heights are severely diminished by unnecessary gameplay changes. (I hope whoever thought fighting humans with a sorta-cover system was a good idea has been sacked.) The game also feels overlong, and I eventually grew quite tired of fighting the same enemies over and over. It also doesn't help that it's pa...

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Dead Space 3 PC Review 2

Video Review should you prefer not to read: Space 3 takes some big steps away from it's predecessors, both good and bad. I can count the amount of times it scared me on one hand, and with over 20 hours spent in the game, that's nothing. The atmosphere of previous games is for the most part gone, with the high adrenaline intro, it's more reminiscent of the “dude-bro” action I was afraid of. I played through the game solo, on hard, and for the most p...

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Series fatigue slows Isaac down more than the snow 1

Amidst micro transaction controversy and a strong emphasis on co-op in the games marketing campaign, Dead Space 3 got quite a rough start before it even hit store shelves. While it certainly won’t win back any of the fans that jumped ship after the second title introduced more action into the mix, will the new changes alienate the remaining audience? In short the answer is no. Dead Space 3 may have it’s share of issues but the core gameplay is definitely still there. While action may have been p...

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Co-Op survival horror at its craziest. 0

Following up my playthrough of Dead Space 3 with Jean-Luc, we dove right into the Awakened DLC. Right away we had more fantastic dialogue between Isaac and Carver, and following the climactic ending of the main game the characters are quite out of sorts, leading to some fantastic and humorous situations. The plot continues on with the hopeless and manic atmosphere of Dead Space 3, as Isaac and Carver attempt to rush back to earth to warn the human race of an impending cataclysm. As they make the...

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A different kind of Dead Space. 0

Dead Space 3 Review My favorite part of Dead Space 3 is the space walks.IntroI'd say that I'm a big Dead Space fan. I'm still one of those people that vastly prefers Dead Space 2 over Dead Space 1 so take that how you will. I'm in the camp for more action in Dead Space so it's no wonder as to why I liked it more than the original. Both games are still fantastic so you should play both if you haven't already. My expectations for Dead Space 3 weren't that high to be honest. Video game trilogies us...

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Microtransactions Versus Necromorphs 0

I was certain I was going to boycott Visceral Games’ Dead Space 3. I had followed development, read every article regarding the game, posted on numerous angry message boards, and played a seriously lackluster demo. In the end, my love for the series resolved to find me staring at the loading screen on my PS3, all of my previous anger dissipated.The game is good! Has the relief set in yet?By no means is DS3 a perfect game, but I can easily say that it held my attention nearly the whole way throu...

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Bisecting Built for Two 0

I know what’s coming.Not precisely when or how, although by now I can read a room pretty well. I’ve been here before. Different ships, different hallways, same monster tactics. Same Perpetual Startle Machine Dead Space always has been, more or less.But it still gets me.The franchise has ostensibly traded out terror for tension, but I don’t know the difference. It feels the same. I still walk gun-up through every room, breath held, heart thudding; I still panic a bit when something drops on my he...

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Leave it out in the cold 0

While I always liked the Dead Space games, I was never a massive fan that I'd anticipate with bated breath whenever the next new installment came out. I'd play them sure but not raising my blood level to a feverish pitch about it so several months after Dead Space 3's rather lukewarm release, I'd thought I'd take the plunge and find out for myself. Unfortunately a lot of the complaints about the game started to present themselves rather soon and whatever good comments I had would then be followe...

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Fun and Flawed 0

*Some slight spoilers*Dead Space 2 was one of my favorite survival horror games, even if it was less on the horror and more on the survival. Sure the game felt a little more action-y than Dead Space 1, but the combat was so great I didn't mind it. That's not to mention the great story and amazing opening section.So if I could forgive Dead Space 2 for being more action-y, I can not forgive this game. Lets start with the story. You probably have heard the basic summary, Issac Clark back in trouble...

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Dead Space 3 Review 0

The third entry into the Dead Space series sees Isaac Clarke once again having to battle against mutated or "evolved" beings while dealing with a religious fanatic who believes the markers will unlock the truth of life. You'll have to battle your way through your home town, spaceships, and a frozen planet to try to put an end to the markers. There will be many enemies and obstacles in your path, but if you're smart and careful you might be able to change the future of man kind.Graphically this ...

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Dead Space 3: Awakened Review 0

Alright so here it is the new level DLC for Dead Space 3. You have somehow sur... oh wait SPOILER ALERT... you have survived the crash back to the planet after successfully destroying the moon. You have discovered that something isn't quite right though and the need to catch back up with those who left the planet becomes paramount. You will be paired up with Carver, the other guy that is playable if you are co-oping the game. Graphically its the same game, but I do have to say that I wasn't rea...

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Dismembering in Pairs 0

Dead Space 3 is an incredibly polished action game continuing the story of the troubled engineer Isaac Clarke. While there are still moments of fright, players who have been in Isaac's shoes since the beginning know that the horror element has taken a dramatic hit in terms of gameplay. Isaac can now crouch, dodge and take cover, which is needed when you'll have to face human enemies throughout the 10+ hour campaign time. With fun co-op, a great weapon crafting system, and built for replayability...

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My favorite dead space game so far. 0

Let me start off my saying I played through and finished Dead space 3 on co-op. I really feel this is the best way to play this game as some of the co-op sidemissions add some cool details to the story.completion time:23 hours for the first play through.Good:Graphics are some of the best I've seen.Sound as always is great for surround sound.I really enjoy the Dead space universe and loved the details this game added into the story.At first I was upset about the weapon system changing from the fi...

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Dead End for Dead Space? 1

No other series captures that "lost-in-space" setting quite like Dead Space. The atmosphere that these games create needs no introduction, and I've been a fan since the beginning. However, the latest addition to the franchise is a bit trickier to decode. On one side you get a really good game that for the most part stays true to its core, but on the other you find yourself wading in shallow waters, wishing that the developers had retained a bit more of that signature structure that makes these g...

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